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Freezer space

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by castipher, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. castipher

    castipher New Member

    So, I'm in a tough spot. My family and I are jockeying for the outside freezer, and my mom just bought a bunch of food - for the outside freezer. (Even though I asked for the entire thing...but whatever, she has been stressed lately, I can deal).

    Now, today I'm getting three foxes and five raccoons. Half of these are going to a friend, but that will take a week or more.

    I KNOW that skins don't last in the fridge. But do fleshed/gutted skeletons? I have beetles on their way, they will be here relatively soon. But not enough to impact freezer space. So can I keep bones with minimal meat in the fridge for short periods of time?

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  2. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey


  3. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    No problem there. Your problem will be that decay starts to set in as it would on any fresh meat if they are not kept frozen. Not sure about the temps in NC but if it is cold enough outside and you can find a quiet, unseen place to do so, hang the skeletons in open air so they stay chilled but also dry out. If you are going to have to sit on them for a while (weeks) they will start to rot if you don't.

    To save space, disjoint the legs and neck sections and pack what you can inside the rib cage. It shortens the length of the wrapped carcass and compacts it better.
  4. Um how many beetles? If they're on their way, it sounds like you got a starter colony coming......which means that skeleton better get pretty comfy in that fridge!
  5. castipher

    castipher New Member

    Perfect! I'll do this. After dried (if I can), how do I store them? I'd only need them in the fridge until my bugs came and my parents relinquished freezer space. Also: that rib-packing tip is excellent. I do this at the museum that I volunteer at.
  6. castipher

    castipher New Member

    Yes! I don't plan on doing them all at once. But we've just got about a week of tight space for the freezer, wherein I need somewhere to put five raccoon carcasses.
  7. JRose

    JRose Member

    If you skin them out and gut them, you don't need to worry much about decay and stench. The meat will dry and darken at worst. Leave the skin and innards in tact and you'll have rot and grey puss to clean up eventually :)

    If you want to save the skins, skin them IMMEDIATELY and freeze the raw hide. They won't take up much space!