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Ouch, My hands are sore!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Warbird, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Are yours sore too? Mine have been hurting since before Thanksgiving. I sliced the tip of my pinky last night!
    Just when one wound is almost healed, I cut it again, right next to it.
    Don't tell me to wear Kevlar gloves as I've tried them and they are too bulky.
    At least scalpels leave a nice crisp slice. " Bacitracin Zinc" and a "Band-Aid" for the nasty ones...........John
  2. tomdes

    tomdes Me my dear and Fall BAZZ!!!

    Don't forget the Stop-Rot, spray some on...

  3. I'll have to try that. Usually I plunge them into the bleach water, and you know how that feels.
  4. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    sliced fingers are nutin try leanin over your Dakota 5 with the guard down. You will need stitches trust me :-\

  5. Now there is the voice of experience!
  6. mikehurt88

    mikehurt88 Member

    Second time using my new Dakota and practicing on deer. Went to reach over to grab the cape and stuck the knuckle of my thumb right into the blade. I had on some latex gloves and it completely ripped the thumb of the glove off my thumb so I got pretty lucky this is all it did. Live and learn hopefully haha

  7. You're making my butt pucker Mike!
  8. mikehurt88

    mikehurt88 Member

    I did the same when it happened haha but a little super glue, triple antibiotic, and a few band-aids did the trick...my neighbors on the other hand probably aren't to happy with some of the stuff they had to hear me yelling haha.
  9. Mike, your name fits you well! ;D
  10. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Mike, that's nothing a bit of DP and superglue wouldn't fix.
  11. When I first got my pro I shaved my right thumbnail off. I had a hell of a time pulling ear cartilage with no rt thumb nail

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  12. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Mike :eek: that had to smart.
  13. Re: Re: Ouch, My hands are sore!

    it fuc%&$g hurt for weeks every time I grabbed something between my thumb and finger

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  14. That's what no cut gloves are for

    Brushy Creek Taxidermy, Emory Tx
  15. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    I just can never get the hang of shaving in gloves. I do wear latex ones just to keep the salty pickle off my hands though.
  16. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    After my second fleshing machine bite, I now never, never, NEVER flesh or shave without cut resistant gloves, even cheap brown jersey gloves will protect you, they wont last long, but they will save you from swearing. I shake my head when someone says that they don't wear gloves, there is no logic thinking that way, there is no excuse for not wearing gloves.
    This skinning season trashed my hands out, they are sore and my grip/grasp is baby strong, I can't even crack open a new soda bottle cap now.
  17. Well this is a good marketing thread....for NOT buying a shaver, lol. I think if I ever do get one, I'll stick with T's advice and wear those gloves...
  18. I always wear those annoying gloves now. Thankfully I learn lessons quickly!!

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  19. Even when close fleshing the face?