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Bondo vs hot glue

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by wingman 61, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. I have a strutting turkey to mount . I saw a method of anchoring the wing and leg wires into the body by drilling a 1" hole into the artificial body at each attachment point. Then fill the holes with bondo. Bend a small loop at the end of each wire and insert it into the bondo and let harden. Do you think hot glue could be used instead? My work area is in the basement. Im concerned about the strong smell and vapors coming from the bondo and filling the house .I could take it to the garage and try it but the weathermen are calling for subzero temps. Would bondo set up in that temperature? What do you think? Thanks for any help
  2. Glass eye

    Glass eye Active Member

    For fumes sake I have poured foam instead of bondo. Just mix a very small amount and mask the feathers with wax paper.

  3. capnmike

    capnmike New Member

    I would run the wires through and anchor into the body on opposite sides before I tried hot glue. I use bondo though

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  4. bucksnort10

    bucksnort10 Well-Known Member

    If you go the bondo route, add a smaller hole on the far side (don't leave a blind hole) so as to allow the air to get out of the hole when you put the bondo in. One of the turkeys I did a poor job of getting the bondo in the hole (thinking an air pocket) and I fought that wing.

    Good luck
  5. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards Member

    When it is really cold in the shop i will mix and apply the bondo in there, then take it inside the house for 20 minutes to let the bondo set up.