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Pressure Washing Help

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by VA HIDEMASTER, Jan 6, 2014.


    VA HIDEMASTER New Member

    I am trying to get into the fleshing with a pressure washer, I know there is already alot of info in the archives and read several post but if someone could save me some time looking i would appreciate it. I have a 3600 psi, I purchased a rotary turbo tip from Lowe's but I'm averaging 1 hr a cape, from what i read on here and whats on youtube, something's wrong, That tip was $40, I read something about the tip needs to be ceramic, found one of them for them for $60 but hate to keep spending $ on a guess. Is there a specific tip i need? Thanks for the help..
  2. GC24

    GC24 New Member

    I use a 4200 with the turbo nozzle and it works great. You have to be cautious on thin skin capes as it will put holes in it like Swiss cheese. There are good and bad with it. If it is warm I love it but below freezing it is a hassle. I have a fleshing beam I made out of a 2x6 and have it set up on a 45 degree angle then use the power washer at a angle from the head down. I got a Brian Harness power washing video before I first tried it. There is a video on you tube that shows how to use it. Good Luck

  3. LV

    LV Member

    You want believe this but i use a 1700 green machine eletric PW with i believe its the green tip with the fan type spray . and it works great for me, Takes about 15 to 20 min tryed the turbo tip didn't work for me i guess because of the lower presure.
  4. BennerE

    BennerE New Member

    If you all are talking about a whitetail cape then wow I think I'll stick to doing it by hand.... Takes me 10 -15 min tops to turn eyes lips and ears and flesh
  5. Practice, you should ba able to get time down, as with anything it takes practice!
  6. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    I'd like to see that!
  7. quest

    quest Member

    Mine's gas at 3000 psi with turbo tip no problems about same time and they come out clean.
  8. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    Same here it takes me 45 min and I've been at it for 18 years
  9. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    X's 2, I get some stubborn ears that take 10 minutes each to open and turn all the way.
  10. I must be slow, takes me a hour on a fallow cape.
  11. [quote
    X's 2, I get some stubborn ears that take 10 minutes each to open and turn all the way.

    I use a pressure washer also .. BUT for those stubborn ears . I take the ear part way open to the sink and force water into the part that i managed to get open , This really helps a lot . they seem to turn easy after that the water acts like a lubricant
  12. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    We have a flesher in Mississippi who use a victorinox knife that is sharper than any razor you have ever shaved with. He can make a raw cape mountable in 20 to 30 minutes. People drive for miles and stand in awe at his fleshing ability. I spend about 5 minutes per cape with my power washer and that are ready to bag and ship to my flesher
  13. BennerE

    BennerE New Member

    I'm not sure if y'all are on the same page as me but I can turn the eyes lips and ears and flesh the red meat and flesh off of a cape and have it in a Formic pickle in no time. It takes me five minutes tops on the ears. I'm not talking about shaving a deer. Mabey I'm confused
  14. Steven .B

    Steven .B New Member

    Benner, That seems fast for turning ears and eyes lips, nose and fleshing, How many ears do you blow out and what you hide appearance when done? 10- 15 minutes that seems awful fast for a good quality job to be done.. Just my thoughts... A good turn job is the start of making a good looking mount verses piss poor mount .. Takes me about an hour a cape give or take and nice and clean.. ;)
  15. BennerE

    BennerE New Member

    Idk I only mounted 236 deer last year for myself and some of the top taxidermist in the industry , mabey one day I'll know what I'm talkin about I think my ears and capes look alright

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  16. Badgerland

    Badgerland Quality taxidermy & quality deer capes.

    Benner, maybe its you who has a great method the rest of us could stand to learn from.
    Don't be shy, if you can make a video in real-time please do. New tutorials are always a help to others.
  17. BennerE

    BennerE New Member

    Sounds good let me figure out how to do it with the I phone and ill post one up for you all. Always glad to help
  18. Steven .B

    Steven .B New Member

    I give you credit it for it if that's your work but no way can do one that fast.. I'd make a video of you doing this, I'm will to learn if there's a faster way...
  19. jbtaxidermy

    jbtaxidermy New Member