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UPS is a joke

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Dawg3458, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Dawg3458

    Dawg3458 New Member

    I placed a order with McKenzie back around the 28th. I understand with Holidays & the crap weather we've had lately. shipping was going to take a while. But my order showed up today... Looked like it had been hit by a truck. And the hide paste Ive been waiting on plus hangers are gone.


    McKenzie has taken care of the problem & reshipping my order....
  2. Same here also, 2 deer forms snapped in half. Thanks to mckenzie for shipping new forms.

  3. One word from me about that.........Spee-Dee Delivery!
  4. sleeper

    sleeper New Member

    Id take speed dee if if was available in my area. Small company that gives a hoot.
  5. Dawg3458

    Dawg3458 New Member

    Dont have spee-dee around here
  6. I have everything shipped Fex Ex now, UPS can kissma.
  7. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    Placed a order With McKenzie Monday and another Tuesday ; Mondays order, got it on time Tuesdays order will be here on time ; and remember there was a winter storm Good job Fed-x . But whats funny UPS wont even come down road even if its plowed :eek:
  8. Anyone know if there is a price difference between UPS vs FED-X ? I'm happy with "MY" UPS. Had one box with a few holes in it in over 10 years. I must be lucky, knock on wood.
  9. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    The sad part about ups is that the frickrn drivers have zero shame. They could care less what a package looks like when then drop it off as they are not the one who mangled the box. You would think that they would at least carry a fricken tape gun with them so when they see a torn to hell box that they would at least tape it up so stuff is not hanging out.
  10. sleeper

    sleeper New Member

    The damage to most boxes happens at the shipping depots. Not on the drivers truck. Not saying that it doesnt ever happen on the truck, but its less likely.
    Ive made it a point to make the drivers friends. They call me when they have something for me So i can meet them, or they set it inside out of the elements.

    All carriers are the same, but if you can use speed-dee it will get to you faster.

    And many of you do not know that fed ex express and fed ex ground are different companies. Fed ex ground is pravatized. You can buy a route just like a snap on tool truck.
  11. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Placed an order with McKenzie last Friday. Scheduled to arrive on Monday via Speedy. Snow hits and blankets the area. Speedy driver calls me and arranges to meet me at the gas station because he was afraid he would get stuck in my driveway. Not only is Spee Dee freaky fast...they are cheap, and they will go the extra mile to get your packages delivered to you, even when the mail man stays home because of the weather conditions.
  12. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    This could explain some of the damaged packages.

  13. Hahaha !! That's gotta be it !!
  14. Not sure Speedee will resolve the problem !!

  15. Steven Klee

    Steven Klee Steven Klee Studios

    It's the opposite here for me. My UPS guy breaks his back to do me right, My 20 fed ex drivers can't even find my place half the time and I'm just off the main highway. Go figure. Wish we had speedy here.
  16. davehyer

    davehyer New Member

    My ups driver is a huge asshole, and could care less what I want. I could complain to ups, but the union protects him and then I have more problems so I use fed ex when I can, or ship by truck.
  17. My ups guy leaves my packages on the porch of my amish neighbors because my "drive is too long". But we are moving to a new building next week so that should solve that problem. My fed ex guy is fantastic

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  18. My UPS guy is great. We get packages most everyday between myself and SWMBO. The driveway to my shop is about 500' with a tree canopy that is like a tunnel and lower than his truck. I'm also on a deadend so he has to manuever to turn around on the street. He WALKS the packages to the shop regardless of size, and if it's crappy weather will put them inside the shop door. Scares the hell out of me, but I appreciate his efforts. FedEx Ground is good as well but leaves it outside in plastic bags if it fits, otherwise he drops and knocks. USPS guy is a good client so he brings the mail in and chats most days. His sub blows-doesn't even come down the drive just leaves everything at the street leaned against the mailbox. Sure would like to get Speedee service from the McKenzie Texas distribution center to save time and $ though.

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  19. Dawg3458

    Dawg3458 New Member

    I also use fed ex when I can.
    Im a member of the same local that central Indianas UPS drivers are. The local is BS. Only thing a union is good for now is to protect the lazy .
    I dont even wanna get started on Unions...lol I have no use for them !
  20. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    My regular UPS driver is a great guy. Years ago he used to work for another taxidermist that I know, and he still recognizes the boxes from the various suppliers.
    He always honks when he pulls up and I try to meet him at the gate (if I can find my shoes in time.) If I can't meet him then he'll brave the "starving" turkey gauntlet and bring things clear up to my front door.

    The UPS subs and the FedEx guys are usually okay, too, and even my mail carriers tend to be above average. They often bring parcels to my door instead of leaving a pink slip, and they don't have to do that since it's a private road. I always thank them for being so nice and I think they appreciate that and remember it.