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HELP....What is wrong with my deer...can we correct the ear?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by kkirkemtp, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Kkirk, you asked for our opinion. We all gave it to you and told you how to fix it. We were honest. Did you want an honest, straight forward answer, or one that made you feel good? If you had a friend work on your car and forget to put oil in it, then it burns up and you ask a mechanic what he can do and he says it's toast because the other guy didn't know what he was doing, that's not unprofessional or uneducated; it's just blunt and honest. We all agree that the best way to fix it is to have it remounted. 100% of the people who offered advice said the same thing. If you don't like how we said it, we're sorry. If you don't like WHAT we said, there's nothing we can do about that. As far as calling us uneducated, I would wager that many on here are just as educated as you--I myself have an M.S.--but our educational level does not validate, nor invalidate our opinion that your mount was very poorly done.
  2. kkirkemtp

    kkirkemtp New Member

    Well, first off, he IS LICENSED and did go through a professional school, and had his instructor help him with this project as well as others, but I'm sure you will now attack the school or the instructor .blah, blah. Blah. I don't mind your opinions, that's why I asked, but I have YET to receive any specifics as to what is wrong. I DON'T WANT TO FIX IT, I wanted to know how to fix the ear and after adjustment, I am happy. I just want to get him specific feedback so he can continue to improve. For himself, not for personal justification or benefits. But clearly helping beginners is beneath the pantheon you reside in.

  3. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    If he wants to learn tell him to become a member and get active asking questions not through someone posting a mount of whats wrong I can't see it I need help oh btw what kind of feedback can I give him to improve. No offense but if someone did this that I mounted a deer for and asked people whats wrong and then come back to me and say hey buddy you really need to improve on these things without me asking them to do so would not sit well with me or alot of guys here. Anyways whats wrong?? ok you asked. Sorry if its a bit blunt but that about all we can do at this point with what we have to see...

    About the only thing that is right is that its a whitetail cape with whitetail antlers (everyone was kinda hinting at this that nothing was done correctly). Form size is to big as you can see the arm pits don't fit and the whitepatch is bunched under the jaw and not center. Rack set it to high and tipped forward. Ear positioning is not a flattering one for the rack (which was already made clear). Ears are very sloppy and not edge or hair pattern. Ear butts are to low and back and have no correct size or shape to them. Eyes are nowhere near correct shape and brows are pulled back (due to rack position off). Nose shape and tucking are amiss as well as lip line sloppy. Paint colors are solid and wrong. Hair patterns on face are all out of wack.... Just look at the first two pics of the dead deer and first mount pic and you can many of these things. Good luck tell your relative to join and he can learn if he really wants too. These guys here really can be helpful even though it may not seem so with posts like this at times and the site has many things to offer to those willing to put some time into it. Sometimes its just the way people bring these sorts of issues on here in certain ways that will set some people off. Take care
  4. Finally a critique without all the BS. . . T3 Kyle has pretty much said like it is. The only thing I don't agree with is (these guys) because I think it's only (some of these guys) that can really be helpful. Just read back through the complete thread again and everybody will see who was really trying to help.
  5. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    some states dont require licenses, so are the taxidermists in those states doing it the wrong way????? Yes there are alot of hacks out there in those states that do a bad job, but to say that just because you dont have a license to do it makes you wrong is just that, WRONG.
  6. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    kkirk, saying something needs a lot of improvement and that whoever mounted it wasn't ready to mount something like that is NOT an attack on the person. When someone hands me a paper they've written and I tell them there are many mistakes, go back and correct them and hand it back in, it's not a personal attack, but informative. Kyle gave you a critique with some of the specific things that are wrong. He certainly didn't go into everything, and he didn't attack your friend. If you go back through the beginner's section (people who are just starting out), you will see a few first time posts where people post pictures of their very first mounts. You will see the same type of critique that Kyle gave you, and most of the very 1st time mounts from people who have never mounted before will look the same or better than your mount. Saying a mount doesn't look good in any way isn't a personal attack. It's just being honest. Go to the deer head section and pull up the reference pictures. Do the eyes, nose, ears, etc. look like live deer? If you are happy with the deer, then good, but that doesn't make it a good mount. It's not a personal attack to say that anyone completing mounts like that shouldn't be charging for work yet. It's just honest. Now some of the ways we phrased it may have been unkind and I apologize for that, but the critiques have ALL said the same thing. It's a terrible mount and should be redone.
  7. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Then he should at least know how to adjust an ear, JMO
  8. Well said,
  9. Richbo

    Richbo 2nd place is the first loser!

    It's funny how some people post a piece of crap and expect to hear it looks like a twinkie.
  10. Beartowntaxi

    Beartowntaxi New Member

    I think he was just wanting opinions, I believe he was fine with those. The tight a** pretty much calling him a loser comments are what got him.
    At least that is what I would have gotten upset about.

    In my opinion this is what I would do. 1 remove the horns. 2 set the rest of the mount on fire. 3 send the horns to Michael P and pay him as much as possible to prove you are not a tight a**. Let a "Professional" handle this. Contrary to belief some guys on here were shat out of their mothers womb as "Professionals" and didn't have to be a beginner at any point in their life. ;)
  11. Your first post on this thread. Exactly where did you help?
  12. Duckslayr

    Duckslayr Active Member

    There are many mounts like this one posted here for critiques every day. What rubs many the wrong way is the CUSTOMER posting it. How was that conversation with the family member/taxidermist going to go?

    "Hey Joe, you're welcome for getting to mount my deer for free, glad I got to help you out. As a CEO, the exposure you will get should have you well on the way. Since I'm still in the helping spirit, I posted your work on the most viewed taxidermy forum to be viewed by thousands of your peers and asked them to tell me what was wrong with it. Boy did they tell me! I thought it was ok, except the ear! Man was I wrong! Turns out nothing was right! Hope this helps! No need to thank me, a nice cigar on my birthday will do!"

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  13. Beartowntaxi

    Beartowntaxi New Member

    But he didn't post the guys name, it is not like he is destroying this guy publicly. He wanted honest opinions and got some, but he also got ripped apart personally. He didn't say this was a deer of a lifetime and my taxi ruined it. I know when I started out I mounted plenty of deer for family and friends for just the cost of materials and I certainly would not go to them now and call them a tight a**, I would actually thank them for giving me experience.
  14. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    That just about sums up the perfect scenario :)
  15. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    What you may not be aware of is there are NO standards in the taxidermy industry as Joe Kish said in the early 1970's ,43 years ago . It's the same today. A "industry" where you can get a deer shoulder mount from $275.00 to $1,200.00 , yes twelve hundred, a Moose shoulder from $550.00, NH to $2,800.00, NJ and a fish from $8.00 per inch to $30.00 per inch.
    You "hunters " will pay any price to turn a trophy into dead meat and then scum bag the price of the taxidermy . It has always been that way and will never change.
    Yes ,your man went to the wrong school and if the instructor helped him with this that's even worse.

    As a published author and the President and CEO of your own company, you should give a "Grant" to your man to go to a "GOOD " Deer instructor like Joe Meder's school in Iowa.
    Your man will be forever gratefull.
    PS: Your "trophy " deer is a total train wreck !
  16. Beartowntaxi

    Beartowntaxi New Member

    Some gas stations are cheaper than others too, but are you gonna spend more for the same product? And yes some Hobby taxidermist put out just as good of work as the "Professionals". I am not saying that all do, but some do. I just think it is laughable that you guys want to rip this man for helping out a family member.
  17. I have yet to see where this man said he had a trophy deer. It's stated in this thread, but not by him.
  18. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    Every animal is a "trophy". Doesn't matter if its a doe, little 6 pt, or a 200" on a plaque, euro, shoulder mount, or lifesize. Being proud of and displaying an animal that has been taken deserves to be called a "trophy" in my book and no one should ever knock someone for mounting a little buck or doe or whatever because as I said its a trophy in their eyes. If it's not a trophy to the person might as well toss the antlers back in the woods for mother nature to reuse. This is not directed at you kk just an example explaining why we taxidermists refer to customers pieces as trophys.
  19. Wow! I love this thread!! My first thought is "leave your feelings at the door when entering this site". I learned that finally. Next the type of customer we all pretty much have harsh feelings for put a post up here! The only thing that would have been better if the taxidermist WASN'T a family member and he was truly disappointed with the work he received. I may have been forced to take a day off work to read the post of bitterness.

    As for the original poster I can't speak for his personal accomplishments because I don't know him. Good for him however. I wonder what books he has written? Maybe "How to get the cheapest taxidermist to mount your trophy!" Probably way better titles that can be created but that's one that came to mind. Sorry to the person who started this thread. Just trying to throw some humor out there!!
  20. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    The truth of the matter is , If this was his 15th deer and he had help from his instructor. He needs a new instructor and or a new hobby.