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duck feet- when do i?...

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by kyle916, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. kyle916

    kyle916 New Member

    I want to try injecting the feet of my mounts (duck and geese) with masters blend. how long after I taxi the bird do I inject the feet?? one day, week, weeks??
  2. I inject the feet as soon as the bird is mounted. The longer you wait , the foot will start to shrink more and more

  3. webfoot123

    webfoot123 New Member

    I remove the legs feet and inject then mount
  4. 2wbdft

    2wbdft Member

    ^^ this ^^

    although, it takes some planning when working on a standing mount.

    Take a look at the following Tutorial.
  5. igor

    igor Member

    When I do my birds I know where all parts will be except the situation when my bird is badly damaged and I need to cover bad areas. Even in that situation I plan where feet will be attached. You can inject soapy water with insulin syringe ( not to make big holes for master blend to leak ) it will give you plenty of time to inject them little bit later . Don't inject them with master blend if you feel they are dry. Inject more water first. Check the shrinkage next day and inject more where is needed.
    Inject slow to prevent bubbles and uneven distribution
    Keep master blend in a fridge till last minute, it will increase setting time

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  6. kyle916

    kyle916 New Member

    thanks for the responses guys! I didn't know the feet should be done at the time of mounting. learn something new everytime!