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Canvasback with yellow eyes???

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Duck Norris, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Customer stopped by the shop today to drop off a drake can. While speaking with him about it he asked if there were any way I could use yellow eyes instead of red. I said sure but why would you want to do that? He said that when he killed it that he had yellow eyes and he whipped out the phone and showed me a pic right after it was harvested and sure enough, they were yellow. Never seen this before and was curious if anyone would know why this might be?
  2. Hobbs McAvoy

    Hobbs McAvoy New Member

    I shot one over the weekend and it had one red eye and one yellow eye. ? Not sure what causes yellow eyes. Would loss of blood change the eye color?

  3. snowkillerlssu

    snowkillerlssu New Member

    I had a guy bring in a wooduck last year and said the same thing. He wanted yellow eyes. I think the change sometime on death or something. Never seen a alive bird like that. I talked him out of it and put in the red. Yellow would just be scary

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  4. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    I had a live wood duck with yellow eyes back when I used to raise them in Texas. It can definitely happen.
    They were sort of a dull, ugly mustard yellow, not bright yellow like a goldeneye. He was weird looking even though his plumage was perfectly normal.

    I'm sure that it could also happen on a canvasback. I would probably be tempted to go with dark yellow eyes like a redhead should have. As far as that goes, is there any possibility that the yellow-eyed canvasback might be a hybrid backcross? It would probably be pretty hard to tell but there might be some very subtle differences in the beak and maybe a slightly brighter or more glossy chestnut on the head.
  5. M.T.

    M.T. Active Member

    I've seen goldeneyes with yellow eyes! Isn't that weird? Or did someone just get it wrong when they named the bird?
  6. First thing to come to mind when he told me was that he might have some redhead in there somewhere down the line, but it is very hard to say. He looks just like your everyday can. I'll have to give him a closer look when I pull him back out. Maybe Ill give him a call and see if he can send me the pic. Thanks guys and thanks Nancy!
  7. How about a Goldeneye with red eyes?? Now that would be weird!
  8. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    Interesting. I have shot woodies and noticed yellow eyes as I retrieved it from the water. It usually took me 5 minutes or so to get to them between waiting for another wave of birds and being my own retriever....lol. I always thought that the cold water and lack of blood flow changed the color of the eyes very fast, nothing more or less than that. Maybe I was wrong?
  9. I got in a young Canvasback drake last year with yellow eyes. My customer looked it up online and then I did and we found that Redheads will breed with Canvasbacks because one of them(I can't remember which) will lay it's eggs in anothers nest for them to raise so they are actually brought up together.I still have it in my freezer. It's only about the size of a Redhead but the rest of it looks like a Can.
  10. Barrowsgoldeneye

    Barrowsgoldeneye New Member

    ive notice too canvasbacks eyes turn color when they die so do wood ducks for example my cans in my aviary have vibrant red eyes wile alive . but i noticed when i shot some cans there eyes went from vibrent red to orangeish yellow. same with when i shoot wood ducks. :)
  11. Yes, redheads are known to parasitism and lay their eggs in a canvasback nest for them to raise. I believe they typically destroy the canvasback eggs first.
  12. On Caruther's heads the eyes used to be red with yellow iris's around the pupil; I thought those were more accurate than the current ones.

    I've shot cans in September before they're plumed out, and juveniles, that have yellow eyes.