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Any interest in a fish molding and casting DVD?

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Bryan Russell, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Dharryman

    Dharryman Member

    I am interested
  2. murty

    murty New Member

    If you can get one to Australia, I'm in.

  3. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    63 years a taxidermist and still learning.....be looking for it. JL
  4. Rob43

    Rob43 Active Member

    Yes, sounds interesting.
  5. How much and when can i order?
  6. Ken 2

    Ken 2 Member

    Are you still thinking, or have you started shooting video? Still waiting.
  7. TWinter

    TWinter Winter taxidermy

    I would buy one
  8. 650V

    650V New Member

    Yes Please!
  9. FinFlight

    FinFlight TRAIL CREEK

    I'm in would love to learn
  10. Davehc130

    Davehc130 Member

    add me to the list please!!!
  11. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    We are in the home stretch..........Enlisted the help of a very talented individual both in Taxidermy and video editing.
    Will be taking pre-orders soon.
  12. aspenangler@hotmail.com

    [email protected] B+______><(((°>______><(((°>

    add me to the interested list
  13. As mentioned earlier I would really be interested if it touched on open mouth/open gill which I have never attempted.

  14. Redfisher

    Redfisher New Member

    I'll take one! Just pm me when dvd is ready.

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  15. Rizzo

    Rizzo Member

    When does it go on sale

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  16. warthog

    warthog Member of VVA and VFW

    When does it go on sale anyway...I been hearig about it for 6 months now.
  17. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    As soon as its finished and edited. It is being done between regular work. I won't rush it just to get it done.
    I'm a fish molder and caster not a video producer per se. :eek:
    Be patient, The thread started a few months back was to see how much interest there was in a video series on the topic. I started shooting some of it (in small parts)
    A couple months ago. This is a lot of info to cover and to edit. It will be worth the wait, I assure you. 8)
  18. woakley144

    woakley144 Active Member

    Just read the post. I'm in, have been to a couple of casting and molding seminars, but a DVD would be nice to have for reference when working on the fish.
  19. millardtaxi

    millardtaxi JOHN 3:3

    I'm deff in when its ready

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  20. Sounds great! I'm in, let me know when its done.