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Ok I know the variables but how long from the time you went full time did....

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by John L, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. juli

    juli Active Member

    That I understand. Still, the idealist in me battles the realist. How can someone ever be truly excellent at all aspects of taxidermy. Not to mention proficient with their time.
  2. grumpa

    grumpa Active Member

    Juli, If more taxidermists were realists there would be very few in this business. "I didn't make any money this year, but NEXT YEAR I'm sure it will happen."
    With your formula, it's like Mikey said. " To make $50 k you need to gross $150 k" And the formula only works if everything goes according to plan.
    How often do things go according to plans??? And the old theory of how to make a million in taxidermy still is true. Start with 2 mil and quit when you lose half.

  3. John L

    John L Active Member

    No not hell bent on it. I can wait till after I retire, IF I find another job in the corporate world. More like doing research on whether or not it could be done. No better place than this.
  4. The 1/3 will not work, you have left out taxes and a PROFIT!!!

    Why is it taxidermist don't understand PROFIT is above and beyond all other expenses!!!
  5. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    I would be willing to bet that 95% of all taxidermists are subsidized by either a spouses income and benefits, Mom's basement, a pension, other employment, disability, unemployment in winter from other job, retirement from other career, family wealth, etc. There is no way that this can be a stand alone career for more than a VERY select few who are just THAT good at it both in skills and business accumen. More high school kids as a percentage get to the NFL than this elite group.

    Teachers claim that they don't do it for the money but for the love of it. Taxidermists really mean it.
  6. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !


  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Greg, I think that's one of the best posts you've ever made. Nailed it.
  8. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    And that is the shame of it. Why? Is is forever just another form of "starving artist" ? I have heard all the comments of "Damned taxidermist charges a fortune....."

    I had a plumber in the building two nights ago. 2 hours max, two Fernco fittings and a short piece of pipe...$450.
  9. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but you have to be gifted with the right butt crack for this job!
  10. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    Thats becsuse a plumber needs to be certified and licensed. And it is a necessity to have your heat back on or your electricity back on by a lic. Electrician. Taxidermy can be done by anyone. So that is why you will see plumbers charge 100 per hour and taxidermists charging 8 dollors per hour. Dang it I'm in the wrong business.
  11. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Ok. I get it. If a taxidermist sucks, nobody dies.

    Well, he might.
  12. Taxiserv

    Taxiserv James Newport

    John L.
    I hope you take all the information generously given here and add this to your business plan!!
    Do not confuse the number of posts on taxinet and the included "stardom" that comes with everybody knowing your name (on Here) with a successful businessman in the taxidermy industry.
    In your original post I did not see you mentioning anything about your becoming successful by running your business solely, therefore taxinet has yet again strayed from your question.
    I run what I consider to be a very successful shop that has long since past the point of being a one man shop. It did so within the first year of opening. It will of course be very difficult for you to make that kind of profit in the beginning. Not many taxidermist making good money can afford to average 11 posts a day on taxinet!!! This thread has also strayed from the focus by not even considering the most basic and important part of this discussion, "Is this a viable option in your current location?" So many of these quote unquote unsuccessful Taxi shops aren't at all because of our industry and are solely due to the fact that a good ole boy wanted to open a taxi shop, and so he did. Because he wanted to be a taxi!!! He painted a sign, printed business cards, bought some scalpels, bought some tools and a freezer and he was in business. That kind of business plan does not work in any industry!!! Just because the local BBQ shack closed down doesn't mean that McDonald's wont thrive in the same location. There is not a Home Depot across the street from your house because Home Depot does a wide array of population models and traffic surveys, and general business planning before they pop up the next store. In general we as taxis DO NOT do this. It is embarrassing to me come on this website and read our quote unquote "senior advisors" on here telling everyone they cannot be a successful taxi unless the wife can support you or daddy has you covered.
    Geography is not always limiting!!! There are prison leather shops in Texas that make gun holsters, belts, knife sheaths etc. Do they have a market in prison?Obviously not!!! But they have created a market and are successful. This is what you MUST do! Create your market, DRIVE your market, MARKET yourself, work diligently both in work quality and ethic and follow your business plan!! When and if at some point your business plan has been proven inaccurate then ADJUST your business plan.
    Before I get slaughtered on this thread I am going to give you this final advice.
    Create your business plan, look at it from 50 different angles, get every successful individual you know to analyze it, yes even your father-in-law. (And listen to their responses!!!) If you still believe this is viable, (and not just that you want to!!) open your doors with your prices set where the business plan dictates not just relative to the good ole boy down the street (BECAUSE HE AIN'T GOT NO BUSINESS PLAN) work like your family depends on it, hire employees as needed, continue to grow your business and then in a few years come back on here tell us all your success story! And I bet the same ole naysayers will still be averaging 11 posts a day!!
    Let the attack begin!!!!
  13. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Obviously you're aware of your own bias, Taxiserv. I fail to see where you offered anything germane to the discussion. You simply used it to crow about how great you are and to slander those of us who've fought the wars you haven't a clue about. With an ego like yours I can't help but wonder why you'd hide behind an internet sobriquet. If you're too "embarrassed" to come to this site, why don't you take your 9 posts and go to a site where your hoity toity friends hang out.
  14. Taxiserv

    Taxiserv James Newport

    Sorry it took me a minute to look up another one of those fancy words George uses!!!!!!
    My name is James Newport I own and operate Mesquite Creek Taxidermy Studio in Pearsall, Texas.
    My post merely replied to John L's question, feel free to reread my post and look at the fact that I was attempting to add a positive direction in which he can succeed. I assume to "crow about how great ...." was to the fact that I believe my business is successful?????? I'm not sure how you are attempting to turn that into a negative but good luck w that. I guess my wars are different in that mine have been successful, no offense to the all knowing George!!! HAHAHAHA that should get you fired up. I am on here fairly regularly but unlike you I don't take every opportunity I can imagine to run down every person I come across and/or disagree with!!!
    John L's question was how long taxinet believed it would take for him to make 45-50K gross. The only thing offered to him was that he couldn't. Oh that was supposed to be PERIOD. Wait was that to many periods??? I'm sure I'll be corrected. I believe my response was an attempt to help him reach his goal.
    The point of this forum is to help others in our industry not tear it down. Take a minute and think about it.
  15. livbucks

    livbucks Well-Known Member

    Taxiserv, if you are in the 5% I was referring to, then I wholeheartedly congratulate you on your success.
  16. Taxiserv

    Taxiserv James Newport

    I know there r people in our industry that make me look like a greeter at wal mart!!! I've worked very hard to get where I am and I would love to see John L do the same. I guess I better change my bricket or whatever that was George called it so it doesn't look like I'm hiding anything.
  17. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Your second mistake: I'm not offended by much and your vocabulary will sell you out too quickly. John L. didn't address having seed money required fir "successful" taxidermists as you always have to make a jump start you claim. You say you "own and operate" your business but do not tell us if you are a taxidermist or even if you contribute to actual production. There will always be people like you trying to blow roses up someone's ass, but the majority of us live in a real world where pragmatism is ballast that keeps decisions on an even keel.
  18. Taxiserv

    Taxiserv James Newport

    My second mistake?
    I wasn't aware there was a first???
    George I think your confusing the 30-50 threads your following!!
    Again George I'm trying to answer the question asked. Take a deep breath put down your thesaurus and try not to be condesinding to every post on this forum and help people in our industry. He is a partime taxi now so the need for seed money is less relevant than a beginner. Take a minute and try to say anything positive to John L.
    This forum is here to support our industry not tear it down
  19. Taxiserv

    Taxiserv James Newport

    Oh sorry. Yes I am a taxidermist and I attempt to provide as much production to the studio as possible. Thx for askin
  20. dc taxidermy

    dc taxidermy Me and My Baby's senior picture

    Well, I Know that you can run a sucessful business if you Work hard and make a plan and follow through. I owned and opperated an automotive garage for twenty years. I left that to persue Taxidermy. I feel that I run a very sucessful business. I don't make as much as I did turning wrenches but I don't have as many headaches. I will not blow roses up your ass. It is very hard to do. I own my shop, so no rent. But I pay 200 a month Property Tax. Insurance, utilities, and upkeep are always going up. I do pay myself a salary I do work a few part timers around Christmas. Mostly Family...I turn a lot of work but I have learned to be efficient at what I have to do. Out sourceing my skins helps me the most. I can spend more time mounting then tanning....DC