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Artificial heads and eyes

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by dstreet, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. dstreet

    dstreet New Member

    I've only used artificial heads and I struggle to get the eyes right. I've seen pictures of pins holding the skin in place around the eye. How in the world do you get a pin in one of those heads!!!???? I have purchased a few videos on mounting ducks but none have taken much time to show how to properly set the eyes. I have been using apoxy sculpt to push the eye in place but I'm not sure how much to put around the eye. Does anyone have any pictures of what the eye looks like right before you pull the skin up over the eye? I've read the tutorials on wood duck eyes but I'm wondering what you do for pintails, mallards, and other ducks without the big eye rings. I read in taxidermy today to just hot glue the eyes in and let the caulk from the cheeks hold the lid in place. Caulk coming out the eye holes for me means it's on the feathers and the party is over. If anyone could take a picture of what they do I'd love to see it.
  2. _Kevin21

    _Kevin21 New Member

    I don't have any pics but i do everything the same under the skin weather mallards, pintail, or woodducks what i do different is with woodducks i put an extra ring of apoxy sculpt around the eye on the outside of the skin then paint it red. As far as the pins go only use as needed and they only need to go into the apoxy sculpt not into the head.

  3. Depending on what Artificial head your using, if its Ted's heads you can insert pins easy, if your molding your own with smooth cast 325 or whatever its going to be hard. The euro pins are not made to go deep in the head its made to hold the skin in place around the eye. I always pin my skin around the eye, then enter through the ear canal of the bird skin with my caulk to fill around the cheeks, use a syringe, hope this helps. I also use clay to set my eyes in the Artificial head, no oil clay though, that way when I am mounting my bird I can adjust my eyes if need be for whatever attitude I like. If you use apoxie sculpt try to use only part A or Part B not mixed together and you can still move your eyes around to get what you want if they not correct Good Luck
  4. clewis

    clewis New Member

    Using a little larger drill bit than the size of the glass eye, enlarge the eye socket. Fill the hole with non-hardening oil based clay. Place the eye in the clay, verify proper depth and symmetry, then pin if necessary. The pin goes between the glass eye and the larger eye socket very easily.
  5. TWinter

    TWinter Winter taxidermy

    Before I pull the skin over the head, I put some apoxie scuplt around the eye. Pull the skin over, caulk, glue , etc.., then adjust the eye skin where I want it and press the skin into the apoxie sculpt. No need to use a pin.
  6. Adam Edwards

    Adam Edwards Member

    I also put apoxie sculpt around the eye before pulling the skin over, i do this on every bird and use a clay modeling tool to shape it after pulling the skin over and gluing it on the head. You can use a caliper to measure where the eye is before skinning the bird, then use those measurements to help you get proper eye placement.

    here is a pic, if it was a bird with a smaller eye ring, like a mallard or pintail, i would smash the eye ring down thinner once the skin is over the head.
  7. Shawn73

    Shawn73 Active Member

    I have several videos that show eye setting in depth. Not sure what ones you have but there are several on taxidermytrainingunlimited.com I have the grouse bwt and woodduck videos and they are great.
  8. dstreet

    dstreet New Member

    Thanks for the all the different ideas. Shawn I just ordered a set of dvds on that site. Thanks for the info.