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Rebranding and priorities

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Becky P, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. well Becky glad to see from the whole thread I wasn't the only one going through whatever that was :eek:. I kinda dropped in and out too but I guess deadbeat customers, creditors, family obligations, general stress, and in my case weight gain after stopping smoking and the stopping smoking, lol, all will do that to a person. Got an outside job hoping to help with some of the monetary stress. Did that for almost 2 yrs and it caused some more stress because then I didn't have any time to do taxidermy much at all. So the customers I could depend on to pay were getting upset, my house looked like it was ready to walk away by itself...,etc. So Dec. 1st I quit my outside job and rededicated myself to my business. I definitely have to rework prices, scheduling, and generally the way I conduct business to keep from being taken advantage of but I'm over my funk and very optimistic for the future. So good luck to you and glad your working things out too. :)
  2. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    I hear ya Michelle. I looked into getting an outside job but I'm not really qualified to do much of anything else plus everyone depends on me to be around (drs appts, etc). Hubby's diabetes was all out of whack, totaled the truck because of it, thank God no one was injured. I had surgery that ended up having complications and landed me back in the hospital. Then add the deadbeats to it :/ It got to the point that I didn't even want to do the work I had here because who knew if I was going to get paid. Finally realized I have to learn to control the things I can and let go of the things I can't. One of the huge "I can'ts" is the relationship between my son's wife and I, which I thought was fine for the first 4 years they were together but about a year ago things went south overnight (as soon as they got engaged). The ball was in her court as to whether things would be civil between us, she spit on it shortly after Christmas so I'm done trying. I know everyone has their problems and mine are nothing compared to a lot of others. I'm a fixer and there's so much I cannot fix which leads to things eating away at me, I guess that's where priorities come in.

    CONGRATS on quitting smoking!!

  3. I like the new Becky and the new Business name and logo looks great...Ken
  4. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Thanks Ken!
    How have you been?
  5. Well Becky I know what ya mean about being "a fixer" I always say it's the control freak in me everyone else just says I'm a mother hen and gotta "take care of or fix" IT and EVERYONE bad part most of the time it's everyone and everything else but me. I will definitely say a prayer for ya. That's really tough when it comes to your kids. My oldest son is getting married next sept. they've been dating 7 yrs. So far I love her, I just hope she don't change once they get married. My youngest is the one that worries me. The kinda girls he's interested in ... not the kinda girls I would normally get along with (prissy spoiled snooty) So when he decides to bring one home it may not be good (maybe that's why he hasn't brought many to meet me lol)
    The new logo looks great and you sound like you got things under control. Good luck :)
  6. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.


    Anyway, we sound a lot alike in the "control freak" department, LOL. Prayers to you too. We WILL get through it, people make it through harder things (I don't know how and I pray I never have to find out!). And thanks ;)
  7. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Lots of us go through it, itll shake out. Youre a fighter, and youre in Texas, so you got that on your side! Just keep kicking it, and make no apologies or excuses. Good luck and welcome back.
  8. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Thanks Bill ;)