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What happened to the National Taxidermist Association

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Jim August, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    That still doesnt answer the question as to how can someone sue for a crime not commited against them? and all the other questions I posed. The forget it remark was just what I figured the answer would be!!!
  2. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    so in essence then , I am a member of Sams Club, and some guy named Tom gets arrested for stealing a $10000 item, I spend $1000 to get info that proves Tom stole it, but sams club decides they dont want to press the issue, I can still sue Tom for a crime that was against my club and recoup My $1000 that I paid out to get the proof of the crime, and the Judge ( or Jury) sides with me and awards me $15000. Damn then Im setting pretty good. So then since I did all the leg work to get done what is done And I have $14000 to the good , That was Never My money in the first place, And since Sams decided not to press the issue , What do I do with the $14000 windfall? Dont think its fair to give it back to sams since they didnt care enough about it to begin with, so Ill just keep it.

    Isnt that making me ... TOM? Just wondering! Too Much Chit dont add up

    Im all for getting what money was forked out to right a wrong, Just dont see it right to make a profit

  3. Does anyone know if the money is recoverable from the Crains? Assuming the judgment is in favor of Harry, how do you know they have the means to pay out the judgment?
  4. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    Nope wouldnt wanna be at this juncture. Thought about till all this went down. But I get what your implying, Butt Out. Thats fine, I can do that, but when they bring these up in a public forum for discussion then thats what it should be a discussion, But I guess a prospective members input and questions dont really matter. Guess the old adage "do Your homework before you invest in something" doesnt really apply to a good ole boys club. I just like to have someone make sense of it. To me it doesnt make any sense how someone can sue some one over a crime that wasnt against them and recoup more than they have invested. to me that is a crime in an of itself. Since I cant get no answers Ill sit back in the shadows and Laugh My a$$ off at it and watch the suckers who think there is a prayer get burned....AGAIN!!!!!! LOL Have a good Day!!!!!
  5. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Everybody is incorrect. I have explained this so many times and I am NOT going to explain it again. It wouldn't do any good to. What would make anybody think that explaining it ONE MORE TIME would change anything.
  6. bmdakk

    bmdakk Report to moderator

    I am DONE!!!!!!!
  7. Redfisher

    Redfisher New Member

    Someone had to step up to the plate and bat for the NTA, and F&H did it. I'm not a member so I have no say in this matter, but I've read every post posted on the NTA and I'm in Fred and Harry's corner, hope y'all get everything that is coming to you and then some! Keep on it, you've done a great job, everyone who is involved now has done a great job, and please don't stop posting on this topic, it's been very interesting and informative to me and others I'm sure.
  8. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    You guys know what? I cannot stand having to sort through the stupidity all over again, but I am not going to keep getting called out on whats the difference between moderating, censoring...and damn babysitting.

    Bryan, youre right, you have NO horse in this race...so stop fanning the flames. Thats all you do in here lately, youre as bad as Jeff telling us 2 thousands times how theres no bigfoot. Take your own advice...Stop.

    To those that suggest U TA, or other associations, please dont do that in this thread. Its not fair to them because theyll then be linked to this stupidity too. This is about righting the NTA, not alternatives, with all due respect. Please understand how archived social media works, and youll see Im doing you and other associations the right thing. Probably not a bad suggestion, just not the right place for it...

    To others, please, hold your tempers and words you cannot take back later. If youre in the right, just sit tight. If youre in the minority, just be patient. Taking cheap shots at this topic is silly. Just move on if its so not for you, whoever you may be. Move on.

    I would STRONGLY suggest that certain aspects of this be done privately...hint hint...
  9. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Hahaha Bill, I knew that you were going to do that!!! I was right though!!! You were right too!!!

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  10. Brian Claar

    Brian Claar New Member

    I think you should just delete the whole thread. It's just the same old crap and nothing seems to be getting done.
    That would protect everyone from being linked.
  11. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    I am sorry.

    My apologies to those who were desperately seeking information. A couple of years ago I started getting interested in the NTA. Mainly it was the corruption that I wanted to know more about. As things started to become more evident, I started to investigate deeper. As I found things I would post them here and try to get to the bottom of some things and share with you what I had found. Then others started sending me bits and pieces also. Then out of nowhere surfaced Elmer. He aide me and we were starting to piece more and more together. My interaction with John Janelli became almost daily. Greg Eilfield jumped in to assist in any way he could. Others jumped in to offer their assistance. We had a good head of steam built and was moving in a forward direction. Janna Medved risked herself for the cause. We were small, but we were dedicated. The board lead by John Janelli took up the cause which lead to many things. The Crains, were fired, Fred, Harry, and Michael were reinstated. I was allowed for the first time to become a member. There was a convention which all came to gather and support. The NTA had been pulled from the Lion's mouth and it's people rejoiced. Everything NTA was positive and people were grateful. We ALL could take pride in the accomplishment. The NTA was alive and well.

    That was then.

    Since then not so happy and rejoiceful. Immediately after the party, things begin to unravel. One person doesn't agree with another, then another, and yet another and attacks become the norm of the day. Hurtful actions and words became common place, and the infrastructure started to unravel. Key people became disheartened, unenchanted, and worn to a frazzle. People started leaving their post. No-one signed on to be abused or treated like a dog, but they were, for some unknown reason. The carnage continued. People went underground and no-one would be as transparent as once was. Lawsuits ensued and people lawyer-ed up. Alliances were formed. People who were once friends now found themselves on opposite sides of the room. The same people who only months before were slapping one another on the back and proud of the new directions they had lead the masses. Then once again, decention ruled as it had been before.

    Some of us became lost and confused in the mayhelm. What happened we ask. We all thought everything was being guided down the right path and on the road to recovery.

    Sensing that things didn't add up, I once again took to find out why. I kept myself as neutral as I could hoping to uncover the mystery. I like most of you could not understand. I started pressing more and more for answers. The more I pressed the fewer answers I got. I begged for something. Anything that would provide some element of comfort that those in control were guiding the ship and that we would eventually land in a nice place. The place we had all booked our voyage for. I held tight against rough seas, thinking that at some point the storm would pass and that it could be announced once and for all that we had arrived safely. That was the news that we all wanted to hear, but no news came forth. Our captain remained silent. In desperation, people began to cry out, but no word was to be heard. We had been left alone to drift where ever the tides may take us. People began to jump overboard. The ship was becoming silent. In what waters we were, nobody knew. Which direction was land, some asked. But again, no-one knew. The captain had been found, but not a word did he speak. People shook at his garments, but no response would come.

    One little passenger found a map. Was this the map that would take us to our destination? No-one knew. So he tried his best to read and understand the map, but which direction was which....he did not know. He asked questions....Do YOU know which direction we should go? No answers. If anyone knew, they weren't telling. Some went this way and some went another. In every group there was someone leading the way. One group would call another group......did you find the way? No. did you? Everyone was searching, but the map made no sense to anyone.

    People became furious when others would offer an idea that didn't line up with their way of interpreting the map. And the people perished because no-one could agree on what direction the map was meant to be interpreted which lead to fighting and the severing of heads. Were there any survivors? Legend has it that some may have, but too few to ever be counted.

    This is how it ended for me. See, I was the one who tried a new direction. I was the one who shook the Captain's garments. I was the one who couldn't make sense of the map. Others in the group became angry at me, called me names and placed a dagger in my heart and in those with whom I held alliance. But we were not alone. There were many many others that this happened to.

    So how does the story end? I will never know.

    To those whom I may have lead astray.....
    To those whom I may have caused their death.....
    To those who still had hope........
    To those who followed my lead.........
    To those whom I failed or may have hurt.......


    May God Bless You all.

    Harry Whitehead.....it's ALL yours now CHEESE! Have fun. I no longer can champion your cause or the NTA's or whatever that is now that it has become. The vociferous soldier is dead.

    A word of caution to those who may have survived. Trust no-one. Turn your back on no-one. Guard your thoughts and ideas. If ever you are found out to be STUPID, surely your head will roll.

    I wish now to never discuss this topic again. It's over for me. As has been made known, I know nothing, therefore I am classified as stupid. See ya on another thread. This one is a wrap.
  12. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    Excellent post !
  13. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Tim, first of all, I have no cause. This is not my deal at the present and I am not doing anything with or without the NTA, you, or anyone else. I AM preparing though. I asked you the other day to have patience and your reply was "patience hell"!! It's the same as when everyone, including yourself, was breathing down Fred and my necks wanting information and giving us hell because we weren't coming forward with anything. As I recall I was told by MANY that "we had nothing"!! Remember?? What did Fred and I do at that point? We stayed vigilant and worked that much harder even though the masses were against us because we KNEW we were correct in our assumptions. Now, on this thread, you and a few others have worked yourself up into a fever about hearing from "the leader" and since he hasn't come forward it is beyond your comprehension why he hasn't come forth. If I were him I wouldn't either. It would end just as this has. There is no satisfying the masses. Then you decide you want to take a poll on whether Fred and I deserve to recoup our money. Really Tim?? You haven't been in favor of it ever since I told you what we intended to do. You told me that "you are a hard sell Harry. People aren't going to go for this!!!" Remember Tim?? I'm a hard sell? You're damn right I am! If you are going to hold me to your lofty expectations then I am damn sure gonna hold you to those same standards. I didn't get on here and take a poll whether people should accept you based upon your storied past now did I?? Hell no I didn't because I believed in you AND THIS IS A TAXIDERMY ORGANIZATION!! Who gives a rats azz what you have or haven't done in your past. You've paid your dues so who was I to judge you on anything?? Now, just because you got a little tongue lashing about something you shouldn't have done to start with you're gonna throw your hands up in the air and quit. If I offended you Tim I apologize. I have a knack for making people feel silly when they do silly things. Sometimes I regret those situations, sometimes I don't. Like I told a certain person last night that was insistent on badgering me about finding out what Fred and my intentions are, I said "if you don't want to be called stupid, then don't be".

    As far as your timeline you mentioned, you are correct for the most part. The part that you left out is the undermining that some of the ones in charge initiated for their own personal agendas. I'm talking about the John Janelli's and the Joe Kulis's and a couple of others. This whole thing was destined to fail considering the intentions of a few. These people didn't execute the wishes of the Board and because of this, the NTA is in it's current state. Now, in the mess that the NTA has become, with a leadership that has it's hands tied by a lawsuit, with absolutely NO help from the Crains as far as membership lists or financial information you people are demanding information and creating more work for a group that is doing a thankless job of bringing a failing organization out of the ashes after a hell of a fire!! What's more is they have to do this with NO MONEY!!! What you people need to have other than patience is FAITH!! Faith in the people that are now in charge and faith that they will do the right things to get this organization up and going again. Faith that when the ones in charge has something that they CAN tell everyone that they will. I know that some of you will cry about whether to 'invest' a measly $50.00 in an association that isn't jumping when you say jump. Really? $50 bucks? Is $50 really a life changing amount to you?? If it is you don't need to be spending it anyway. Send in your dues, it will mean a lot more to the NTA than it does you right now.....
  14. taxi_grl_ga

    taxi_grl_ga Active Member

    Reading this pains my heart in a way my years had not yet allowed me to know. I hurt not for the forfeiture of my own time, I hurt not for the risk of my own reputation, I hurt not for the expenditure of my own energy, I hurt not for the downing of the ship, and I hurt not for the crew lost at sea...for they each will find their peace. I hurt for the unknown losses belonging to those that will arrive in your wake to discover nothing more than the swells of murky abyss where something truly great once stood. In stepping off the bow, may you find new and inspiring ways to serve beyond yourself and know that no love is ever truly lost.
  15. dplais7124

    dplais7124 Active Member

    You can't stop a ship from sinking if all you do is bail water and never repair the holes in the bottom. Regardless of how many people are there to pitch in and volunteer.
  16. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Well Tim, welcome to our stupid club, because Im at least as stupid. I would love to know the answer to all this too. Id love to make it right. Id love to have it written right in here too. I just try to corral people up a bit before they do damage that wont heal. I dont blame you for feeling fed up, but you cant hate what you love for too long.
  17. Well said Bill!!
  18. dablaw

    dablaw Member

    Why would ANYONE join an association that lies, cheats, and steals from it's members..They are all thieves...I will never EVER rejoin, and have been trying to make sure as many people as I can come in contact with never get taken advantage of the way I did...There is no amount of money, nor and free membership(Even a free lifetime) that I would accept..all it would be would be a slap in the face...Everyone and i mean EVERYONE who has been in this debaucle is the most childish, self centered bunch of hipocritical chest thumpers I have ever bore witness too..Pathetic doesnt even put it into words...I'm sure the mods will delete this and thats fine too....but just know that you will never ever screw this ole Ky boy again...NTA Notorious Thoughtless Asshats
  19. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Dang dablaw..... such anger issues....
  20. bowerbird

    bowerbird New Member

    The five most important things to remember when filing a legal case.....are

    Begining At

    Number 5
    You carnt get blood out of a stone

    Number 4
    A lawyers opening comments will begin with the words," defer defer defer.."

    Number 3
    Your lawyer will ask his lawyer ,
    ...how big was that financial pie again?????

    Number 2
    When you win you may end up with nothing,
    if you loose, you will end up with nothing

    And coming in at the number 1 , most important thing to remember when filing a legal case is
    Even OJ came off smelling of roses.....

    Harry and Fred I've never met you guys , and I don't envy your position . But as a lifetime member of the NTA the association doesn't deserve to have its life support system turned off simply because it was a victim. I take my hat off for having a go to salvage something of a wrongful mess

    If people out there dont like what the NTA stands for , its simple don't join,,,, if you do care about it ,send in your dues, it ain't all about silky ribbons and colorful magazines.and by all means join as many clubs as you like, it won't hurt anyone and its good for the industry