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Anyone heard of this guy?

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by Autumncrossing, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Autumncrossing

    Autumncrossing New Member

    I'm new to taxidermy and this site in general so I put up a post here last week looking for a silver fox pelt, I got an email from someone named Scott Douglas. I'm just curious if anyone knows him or has done business with him. Since I'm a newbie I don't have much experience buying pelts/don't know what to look for. The email he sent sounded kind of fishy asking for super fast payment before he shipped out the pelt and to not use paypal, and he requested I send the money to his "son" in Africa. Overall it was a long story that didn't make much sense. I'd feel bad if his story is legitimate though and would really appreciate it if anyone can give me some input.
    Thanks! - Heidi
  2. KLFL

    KLFL Active Member

    Son in Africa? Lol

  3. dehmon

    dehmon New Member

    dealing with the guy too. wants me to use EMS overnight shipping out of s. Dakota, which is a Chinese shipping company.
    sent pics of the crow, but something seems off with it all.
  4. Autumncrossing

    Autumncrossing New Member

    Yeah it's pretty bizarre lol. Here's the email he sent me. Many things stick out as odd. First off he says he shipped the pelt already, then says he will ship it after his working hours. Second thing is his name is Scott Douglas yet his sons name is "Theophilus Tanjong" and why would you send your child to Africa without giving him money beforehand for food??? That's just bad parenting lol. I never asked for all this information he gave me it's just too weird... I don't even care if it's shipped fast or slow.. Why does he use EMs? His name also doesn't show up on google even though he says he's been a professional for 25 years.

    Thanks, i shipped the pelt this morning to your address.

    Oh!! you are new to taxidermy? i like when people turn into doing taxidermy activities. I am a professional taxidermist here in Sioux Falls for the past 20 years.

    After my working hours, I will ship the package to:

    I printed the shipping information you sent and so had already package the pelt and have your shipping info posted on one face of the packaging material and will have to ship it to you today after my working hours. I have much of work this morning in my tannery and so can not ship it this morning. i have 2 clients who are on my neck to setup a lifesize grizzly bears for them...in a standing position...I got the forms Yesterday from Peter in Oklahoma and i had to work the hides before mounting them. So i have much work since my clients are on my throat to make their mounts before Monday net week. I had taken your package to my tannery and will only have it shipped on my way home or will stop and ems and register it to be shipped to you on my way home from work.

    Please, before i have it shipped make sure you must have sent payment.

    My son Theophilus T. is also doing taxidermy in Florida and he always made me mad this year. He and his classmates under the control of their teachers have gone to Cameroon for their final projects. My son is doing his final year project and are now in Cameroon to make research on large African games like African Land Elephant, African Lion. African Giraffe, Zebra, Hippo etc. They are now in Cameroon in the Cameroon National Park and are now following up their research. I tanned this fox with him.

    I contacted me yesterday and informed me that he will need some money for food. so please, i will want you to just direct the payment to him. I had informed him that i am selling the pelt and the payment will be sent to him to use for his feeding this week. So he should be waiting. I wanted to send him morning via paypal but it does not go. he later told me that where they are doing the project does not support payment and that the fastest means for him to get the morning will be via WESTERN UNION for western union will be fast and will enable him to get the money fast and more importantly in cash.

    Please, in order to avoid double western union charges, try as much as you can to send him the payment. Oh!!! in 2013 in the month of September, i remembered i sent Chanson Agatha western union payment for his Zebra lifesize hide that i ordered from her.. I remembered, within few minutes he contacted me and said he has received payment. i was so happy and it took me just 5mins to send her a western union from a western union bank.

    Below is my Son's WESTERN UNION ACCOUNT details for you to send payment for your package:

    First Name...........................Theophilus
    Second Name...................... Tanjong
    Profession........................... Propective Taxidermy
    City..................................... Douala
    Cameroon........................... Cameroon
    Zip Code.............................. 00237
    Test Question......................from who?
    Test Answer........................ Heidi

    So all what you need to do right now is to copy my son's payment information on a piece of paper or save it and drive to any western union bank closer to you and then fill the form to send payment. they will do the transaction and give you a receipt. it takes lessthan 5minutes for you to do this.

    Once you send the payment to my son, please try as soon as you can to inform me so that know if i gonna stop and have it shipped to you. I close from my tannery at 6pm and so make sure you make the payment and get me informed before this time. I need to know if you have sent payment for your package to my son before shipping. so it will ve very important for you to send the payment this morning and get me informed so that i stop at ems and ship your package

    Like i said, once you send the payment, you should send me the ...the MTCN # and full name and address exactly as written on the WESTERN UNION RECEIPT and then have it sent to me to verify the payment. Once i verify the payment, on my way home from my tannery, i will stop at ems and have your package registered to be shipped to you.

    Once i have it shipped, i will send you the following shipping detail:
    --the tracking code of your package to enable you check, track or monitor the delivery status of your package while on transit to your address.

    Heidi, i will have to ship your package using EMS or USPS OVERNIGHT DELIVERY OPTION. This means that your package shall be shipped to your address overnight..thus you will have to receive your package early in the morning tomorrow.

    What matters now is the PAYMENT, you have to do your best to make sure you send the payment this morning and get me informed. I will check my mail during break to see you have have made the payment so that i put it in myself fully that i will stop to ship your package at ems.

    Scott Douglas Tanjong
    Sioux Falls, South Dakoa

  5. SCAM
  6. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    you new people need to stay away from these jerks that are asking you to do something stupid......deal only with people on here that are trustworthy...
  7. Autumncrossing

    Autumncrossing New Member

    Unfortunately this guy seems to particularly be preying on new people who don't know who is trust worthy or not :/ . I definitely don't plan on doing business with him!
  8. Dehmon - if you are selling a crow in the US that is illegal.
  9. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Hahahahahhah! I needed a good laugh today and this was the ticket. I cannot imagine anyone falling for this line of crap. So if you are reading this Scott Douglas (with really poor English skills by the way) we are all laughing at you and you bull$hit.
  10. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    ...he had me at Camaroon! Home of the Meditteranean Fruit Fly and we all know what a pest that was.
  11. Zerrinah

    Zerrinah New Member

    Uhh yea. Too much information taken to a whole different level. This guy sounds like he's trying too hard..I wouldn't believe him.
  12. I'm with the guys above, this one seems to be a pretty easy scam to avoid....I am still trying to stay clear of those who run the well hidden scam like the link attached. I hate it for the new guys that try and sell on this site but so many folks have been burned you can only trust those that have been here a while. I do no selling on this site (I'm a pack-rat) but I do a good share of buying and still have problems doing that at times because I have low posts or when searched by name they find little. I guess that is in part to buyers post good/bad dealings but seldomn do sellers post anything.

  13. cynpeterson

    cynpeterson Member

    Sounds like this guy changed his name!

  14. RedWolf7

    RedWolf7 Member

    Extremely poor English. Way too much mention of payment - really harps on it over and over. Run, don't walk, away from this transaction.
  15. wctaxidermy1

    wctaxidermy1 Member

    Wow you shouldn't have needed to ask about that one a definite scam. My 2 year old speaks better English then that! When that much emphasis is put on PAYMENT that's a red flag!
  16. howdoththelilcrocodile

    howdoththelilcrocodile New Member

    Nice to know that scammers like this are everywhere on the internet. Next it will be offers of a portion of inheritance.
  17. JJRS

    JJRS New Member

    "i have 2 clients who are on my neck"
    ;D ;D ;D-priceless
  18. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    oh come on. surely no one would even respond to offers from africa. or heroin from harlem.