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having trouble with a Antelope i got that was in bad shape

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Patriottaxedermtbeetles, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I am doing a goat for one of my dads buddies. The guy shot it in Septemberish and then skinned out the head, and took out eyes etc. But then he just left it outside in the weather! i got it and it in december and it was in bad shape. I let it sit in a bucket of water for a day or two and then when i got to it the roof of its mouth was like all cracked and a lot of the bone was already showing.
    I threw it in with the beetles and then about a week ago i started degreasing it.
    I took it out and changed the water today and IT STINKS like bad.
    so i just changed the water and put it back but my question to you vetrans is am i going to be able to save this skull? im not to optimistic.
    Its is very darkly stained, and when i took it out today the the delicate bones inside the nasal pasage just fell out. Im feeling pretty bad.
    I can post pics if needed:/
  2. Dumb question. Did you slip the horn cap's off yet? That would be the cause of the stink.. Curious to see pic's.

  3. Bones N Beasts

    Bones N Beasts New Member

    A soak in ammonia will help with the smell and some of the staining might be permanent sealing with paraloid will help the fragile bones but you cant do that until it degreased
  4. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Get the horns off pronto if you have not already. Cut the cores in half so the crap in there escapes. I would continue soaking in warm water for another week and rot off what's left. Degrease and whiten with peroxide. Probably will be the best you can do. In the future, make no promises when someone neglects something this bad. Have them get it in writing. Even for friends and family. The resulting (probably) poor quality is their fault not yours.

    Just get the flesh off the skull, make sure it is degreased and whiten it. Clean out the horn caps, rinse with alcohol and pack with baking soda (some use borax as an insect deterrent later on) until you are ready to put them back on.

    If you have never done one before .. speed goats stink, no way around that except maybe a shot of Febreeze at the end. Try doing a search on here for them, and stinky ones, and see what others have done with them.
  5. skullclnr

    skullclnr Active Member

    long soak in cold amonia. horn caps I use knoch bolcks deodorizer, works great, but a soak in baking soda and time should help. you can always make things look better, some times they are not saveable though, you should post a pic. Cutting the horn cores is a key step, there is alot of fat inside there and this helps get it out.
  6. Ya I got the caps off but I did not cut the bones. I will try things things out and try to post pics tomorrow thanks for all the advice
  7. One other question. It won't matter for the goat but with antlered animals how do you guys actually go about soaking them in peroxide. Like keeping it off the antlers ect. Scince if you just stuck it in a container off it the antler bases would get submerged? Thanks for all the help! I really do appreciate it!
  8. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    You get the idea. White rags or paper towels up and over the top to get the peroxide up there and not on the antlers.

  9. Thanks sea wolf. How long do you let it soak?

    Pic of goat won't work. I was going to do three pics but it won't let me even do one! I even cropped it and it still says it's to large!? Anyone know why that could be?
  10. Bones N Beasts

    Bones N Beasts New Member

    sea wolf has explained how to use photobucket in a few post you might be able to find if in the archives and I thinks theres a thread by ken in the forum operations section but Ive never done it so that's all I can say hope it helps and the soaking time depends on the strength of the peroxide and how white you want it
  11. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    It's not the size of the picture but the "file size". That is not explained well. You would have to reduce the resolution, which I find just results in a poor picture. Use Photobucket as above and you can put up really nice pictures.

    Pic above is not one of mine. Just an internet shot I grabbed.
  12. I searched the website and didnt find anything on photobucket. I know thats wrong though because ive seen tons of threads on it. Frustrating.
    I got a photo bucket account and put like 10 pics on there.
    My question is what do i do know?

    By the way thanks for all the help i really do appriciate it
  13. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Click "Reply" when you want to add to a post. It will bring up the more fancy page for editing. Find your picture on Photobucket. Right click on it and "View Image" (or whatever your PC OS offers). Now copy the URL for the picture. Needs to end in .JPG. Go to to post and type away. When you want to add your picture, click on the [​IMG]. (Says Insert Image) A blinking line should be between two other character sets. You should be able to just paste the URL between them and it will show up.
  14. http://s747.photobucket.com/user/austin_peterson1/media/f8d67237-693d-4233-8888-6015793ab086_zps53f15a99.jpg.html?state=copy#/user/austin_peterson1/media/antelope1_zpse6eac3ea.jpg.html?state=copy&_suid=139192048646807834581346277537

    ok lets hope it works!
  15. sorry its so small if i enlarge it it gets super pixelated
  16. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    The link works at least. Not sure how you managed to get such a tiny picture though. Maybe try taking another? When you upload to Photobucket, make sure you make the choice to upload them full size. I think PB offers you choices to make them different sizes.