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Help with bill painting??

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by remi700, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. remi700

    remi700 New Member

    Hi im fairly new to taxidermy. I have bought an airbrush and done a few ducks with it. No problem with single colour bills but im doing a pair of gadwall at the minute and im not sure how to do the hen bill. How are the 2 colours blended and how is the mottling done?? Thanks in advance. Mark.
  2. Ok Mark, here's the no frills answer. Apply a base coat, the lighter colour, first. Then apply the darker colour gently and "allow" the two to blend, darker where needed, or lighter. Mottling can be achieved by using various types of sponges for applicators dipped lightly in desired colour and rolled onto bill. That's a VERY condensed version. Good luck!

  3. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    you could also paint base colors ,then apply spots on hen gadwall with a very fine brush and THINNED paint ,if you use laquers then spot with water base to not cut the base coats ,seal with modpodge matte done. Make sure spots are applied with very thin paint as to not produce a build up or thicker layer.
  4. remi700

    remi700 New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys. About time i got some casting done and got this pair mounted. I have a freezer crisis at the minute!! ;D
  5. donrutlege

    donrutlege Guest

    S buy the book from WASCO on bird finishing. Best money you'll spend
  6. rai_red

    rai_red Active Member

    or take the waterfowl bill finishing manual by Joe Ferebee, very easy to do, got one to Germany from a good friend in the US and I wonder, how simple it is to do some bills,

    TIM SCHLOSS Member

    The photo is a blue wing but this works for gadwall. Paint base with airbrush. You won't have brush strokes that way. Apply your orange,then use airbrush to put brownish -black on top of the bill Not too dark the next step fills it in. Use lacquer in airbrush.Next take some acrylic matte medium or modge-podge and coat bill with an artists brush. Next use acrylic black paint while matte med. is still wet.Take a very pointed artist brush to make spots. And darken top of bill with a dabbing motion. Let it dry and hit top again to darken as needed. Last coat bill with a wash of watered down matte medium with a little black in it[almost like dirty water] When it is all dry,rub it with your finger to soften it up. You don't want too much shine. [​IMG]
  8. Nice job Tim. That's realistic! :)
  9. Very nice Tim, beautiful pose/execution.
  10. remi700

    remi700 New Member

    Thanks guys, amazing looking teal tim. Invaluable advice, i'm going to try that and see how i get on. I'll look into some of those books, unfortunately i live in Ireland so i'll have to wait until i have family going to the states to bring stuff back for me. Otherwise shipping and customs costs a fortune!
  11. johng540081

    johng540081 New Member

    Hi there, I'm also new to this forum and do have some issues as well with painting bills. But with your help it makes the job much easyer to understand. Tim great job on that bill and time spend to explain also to all of you. I was also intrested in what Rai Red said about the book by Joe Ferebee. Rzi any idea on how to get the book?

    TIM SCHLOSS Member

    Thanks guys. I forgot to mention the main reason for the wash at the end was to soften up the look of the spots. A coating of matte varnish before it goes out the door looks nice also.I think you can get the Joe Ferebee book at McKenzies . That is a Ferebee bill casting.
  13. rai_red

    rai_red Active Member

    fantastic bluewing Tim, very realistic. great job not only on the bill,

  14. Pye

    Pye Too orangy for crows

    This is really helpful! When I first saw your teal Tim, I at first thought it was a reference photo. Beautiful!