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Gator head in krowtan

Discussion in 'Reptile Taxidermy' started by 00buckshot, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. 00buckshot

    00buckshot New Member

    Just wondering how krowtan does on gator heads. I've always used Lutan but I just recently switched to krowtan on my deer and hogs but wasn't sure on trying the gator head.
  2. nitt

    nitt Member

    My friend Dan M helped me with my personal gator head. We krowtanned it and everything worked out just fine. Just make sure it's cleaned properly!

  3. cleaned well & Denatured alcohol

    Did I mention CLEANED WELL !
  4. 00buckshot

    00buckshot New Member

    Thanks for the info. I already decided to pickle and lutan this one but I have two more in the freezer to do soon so I may try the krowtan on one of those. I do know they have to be clean, I've done a few that has came out pretty good. Thanks ;D

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  5. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    It doesn't appear that you got that one clean enough or you didn't hit some key spots on it when mounting it and using reference. If you look at the gators ear flap it is all shrunk and sucked in. On a living gator they are full and they sit all the way out to where you see the white racing line below the flap. The other tell tell sign is that the nose is completely shrunk and caved in. Gator noses are very plump and should be rather high. I prefer to use Tru Bond tanning chemicals on all my gator mounts but as everyone has mentioned, CLEAN gator heads make the best mounts and if you think it's clean you usually need to go over it again and again. ;) If you only had the choice of lutan, denatured alcohol or krowtan, I would have used them in that order. A lot of people mount gator heads and never look at a reference pictures because they think, it's just a gator head, it is what it is. They are so wrong when you start breaking them down. Just like every gator mount you see, 99% of them all have smooth jaws. I've never seen a living gator with a smooth jaw but most people don't get the hands on that I have been so fortunate to have either. The ones that kill me are the ones like I bought off ebay to show my customers the difference in my shop. I bought a $15 8ft head that was mounted. Nice marble eyes and the back of the head was cauterized and sealed with some nasty black paint or sealant. It stunk so bad that we actually just used it in a demonstration in one of the seminars we were teaching and we sealed the inside of the mouth up with foam and apoxie work. Even after sealing it off on the inside of the mouth the thing still wreaked from the back of the head where they had tried to seal it. I still have it and let my customers smell it when they complain about my $350 to $650 gator heads. ;) they don't complain after that...... 8)