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Wegner's School of Taxidermy in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Training' started by MichaelKowalczyk, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. MichaelKowalczyk

    MichaelKowalczyk New Member

    Just finished the mammal class this February of 2014 and had the best time. It was an one on one class, everything you need is supplied for you.
    Ron is a great guy to work with and he explains everything so you understand whats going on and why. The importance of what to do next so your not waisting time. From skinning, to using a mini flesh-er and a large one, tanning, sewing, making jaw sets and tongue, painting, modifying the form, setting, eyes, clay, making the display the mount will be supported on, and more.
    If your lost like I was on which school to spend money on Wegner's wasn't a waist. I left with a lot of confidence to continue what I learned at home.
    I'll be going back for the bird course soon, after seeing all the birds he's done. I recommend his school to anyone who is serious about taxidermy and has limited funds and time.
    Thanks Ron,
    Mike Kowalczyk