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looking for an exporter

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by whenwolveshowl, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. hey looking for someone who can export to australia. i want to get a few fox pelts and some yotes.
  2. Yes, you can buy from us our skins for sale are listed on our web site here http://www.sivkofur.com/skins-for-sale.htm and yes we are permitted and licensed to export it out of the united states.

    As far as inspection fees and shipping, we would need your complete address to calculate shipping.

    The united states government imposes an inspection fee on each BOX. They don't care how many items are in the box, but they do care about what kinds of animals are in the box.

    If there is a CITES animal in the box the inspection fee is $300 per box, if the box is filled with non CITES animals, the inspection fee is $150 per box.

    Fox and Coyotes are NOT cities animals.

    Thanks for your interest and if you have any questions feel free to email us or call us 607-241-6639 or 607-698-4827

    our secretary is in the office from 8 to 2 mon - fri.

    Sivko Fur Inc.

  3. I sent an email, but I'm also a permitted and licensed exporter. Not a commercial exporter, might save you some money verses commercial exporter. Thanks Doug