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Shipping sticker shock from McKenzie

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by sealow, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    MAKE YOUR OWN!!!! Sure it's easier to just pick up the phone and call in an order for a ready-made diorama. Do you have any idea how easy it is to make one just like the one you ordered? We all have a special approach to mounting fish, birds, or animals that shows our creativeness. Make a base diorama and then make a workable mold of it and you'll have it forever...that's what the supplier has done. Now you don't have to pay the supplier or the shipping company. That's $100 saving (at least) for the basic diorama and $133 saving on the shipping. Cost to make a ledge or rock using your mold, about $20 for materials. Fill the mold on the way out of the shop for the day and it's ready in the morning. Work smarter....save your $$$$$. Good luck..JL
  2. Trophy Specialist

    Trophy Specialist Active Member

    My last Mckenzie order was for about $600 worth of supplies, mostly forms, that was shipped in three big boxes. The shipping (UPS) to Michigan was shockingly over $100. I was very disappointed with that shipping charge as it was much higher than a prior order I had that was over $1000 in merchandise. I would like to see Mckenzie do what many other mail order companies do and tell us what the shipping is before they close the order. I didn't complain to Mckenzie about the charges becuase I doubt it would have done any good. What I did was place my next supply order with another supplier trying some forms that I have never used before and I liked them. McKenzie has and will loose business over this kind of shipping markup.

  3. dar.k

    dar.k New Member

    ordered 3 forms from McKenzie came speedee cost 17 shipping ordered 6 forms from McKenzie came ups cost 110 shipping so its ups
  4. I ordered 5 gallons of stuff from trubond. They quoted me a price for shipping $35.00 then the next day refunded me $10 cause they overcharged me. I ordered 1 gallon of mck. Acid cause I needed it in a pinch and they charged me $27 shipping. Both were shipped ups. Either trubond is ran terribly and losing money nor mck. Is gouging on shipping.

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  5. *

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    3 boxes 36 x 36 x 68 weight 420lbs shipped freight 2 day delivery $359.00 from NC to MI ....$5,000 worth of forms this month. Not to bad ....but my pricing has gone up 10% across the board.
    60 forms lifesize and shoulders elk moose caribou deer grizzly's ect $6.00 bucks a form did pretty good always do... :D After my 12% forms are still below catalogue price with shipping.
    My broker beat McKenzie trucking price they wanted $469 to ship and take 5 days to do it.

  6. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member

    Simple solution- take your box of "mannikin's" back to the nearest UPS depo and ask them to tell you how much it would cost to ship reg ground back to NC? It should cost you more to ship it than what you paid to receive it, then you'll know for sure what's what. Or you can go online with measurements and weight ( if you know it) and calculate shipping costs that way.
  7. BDrake

    BDrake Active Member

    I get the same shipping rate as mckenie? Right.....
    449#msg2449449 date=1394415407]
    Simple solution- take your box of "mannikin's" back to the nearest UPS depo and ask them to tell you how much it would cost to ship reg ground back to NC? It should cost you more to ship it than what you paid to receive it, then you'll know for sure what's what. Or you can go online with measurements and weight ( if you know it) and calculate shipping costs that way.
  8. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Same thing with them. The last time I called and said gosh dont you guys ever work with UPS and since your a volume shipper cut our customers a break. I was told that they were sorry but couldn't ship cheeper. I thought humm so i looked up a reverse shipment and while i had them on the phone said miss i can send it back for around 10 dollars cheaper. They got quiet, i said you just lost several thousand dollars of business and others are growing tired of this too. But i will tell you this OTS and Research were happy to get my orders and fast and the shipping was more inline :)
  9. WildNatureLuver

    WildNatureLuver New Member

    How is it that Amazon has free shipping on items over $35? I bought hedge trimmers for $28.49 & free shipping, got it in 4 days. Most all items are free shipping, same thing on E-bay, so what's up with that ? Why pass the rip off to your customers ? How rich does McKenzie need to be while others suffer ?
  10. Bill Dishman

    Bill Dishman Well-Known Member

    uh oh. another obama democrat.
  11. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member

  12. sealow

    sealow Member

    Wow haven't checked this thread for a few days and I didn't intend for it to go this direction. Update on the situation, the premade habitat was pretty damn nice to tell the truth and the packaging was pretty much bomb proof with the habitat nailed onto a square ply board for stability. Also, Got an update on the shipping from McKenzie and to their credit they did admit that the computer (i'm thinking a person), mistakenly charged me for an oversize/overweight freight item. Actual cost of shipping was $50 and a refund was issued for the balance of the mistake.

    I do feel that the industry can and should try to give a shipping cost at the time of checkout like every other thing you buy online. I'm sure they've shipped almost everything they have in the catalog to every part of the country at this point and from whatever their contract with whatever carrier should be able to give an accurate calculation on cost of shipping. I understand the distance McKenzie is to California and fully intended to pay about $50 bucks for my order and so when I saw the $133 shipping it was a little surprising to say the least.

    Anyhow, I think conversations like this are great and should be heard from by the suppliers just to make business more efficient for all.
  13. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    A buddy went thru this last summer, took 2 unopened boxes from Mackenzie to the local Ups hub ( not a Ups store) and it would have been around $70-80.- cheaper
    to send them back.
  14. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member

    That is how to do it. IF those numbers are true and IF your "buddy" really did check it out at his UPS depot and IF that is common place... that would be gouging. But there needs to be better or more first hand information to make these huge allegations, IMO.
  15. sealow

    sealow Member

    I don't think getting a quote for return to sender and finding it less is equally fair. You have to consider that shipping also includes material and man hours which needs to be billed on top of the shipping charges.
  16. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    I saw his shipping papers and the papers from ups. If you want to look up somewhere last summer in the other 500 posts about this same subject its there. We talked about then. Its not gouging its the handeling part of shipping/handeling.
  17. Some businesses add the shipping and handling cost at the front door and hope that the carrier cost doesn't exceed their built in estimate and it's usually moderately padded. Others just add it at the back door after boxing size and weight and tack it on to the invoice plus a percentage. So the business needs to make a little profit on the handling and the carrier needs to make little profit on the shipping. It's called making a profit to stay in business. . .Taxidermist need to make a profit too if they want to stay in business.

    Also it's good that you contacted McKenzie about the over charge because I highly doubt they would have contacted you first to let you know they had over charged you.
  18. NTR

    NTR New Member

    As someone who has worked in the shipping industry I know first hand that the more a shipper ships the better price they get with. UPS/FedEx. The profit we made from shipping went to our bottom line. Now having said that, I believe Mckenzie passes some of this on to their customers based on some shipments I've compared. If you want cheaper shipping then order more at one time, this is the one occasion in life where more is less. If you order one gallon of acid you'll be hit with $25 or so in shipping but throw in 4 more forms, 4 eyes, 4 ear liners, a couple panels, rocks, tools , etc., you get all of that for around $55 in shipping. Divide that cost between 4 mounts and you have an added cost of $12/mount. Simple math, simple reasoning. Help Mckenzie help you. Call and ask some box sizes and what can fit in them. They have a large box that will fit 6 forms and a bunch of small stuff that ships for around $55. This should help you guys that order smaller qtys. Large qtys gather better discounts and better shipping options (or pick up). It's your business run it wisely.
  19. Jeff Lumsden

    Jeff Lumsden Well-Known Member

    So....$70-$80 bucks added on top of UPS costs to a box of forms is called a handeling fee?
  20. ANDY

    ANDY Well-Known Member

    Heck Jeff i dont know but i suppose somebody has to walk all over the warehouse finding forms, going to the other side to get eyes, ear liners ect, find
    a box put it together label and put out for shiping. There in business to make money too. How come nobody every complains about other supply companies
    shipping charges?, its only Mckenzie. They ship Ups to.