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coyote puppy

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by sumysum17, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. sumysum17

    sumysum17 New Member

    Hi guys, Im looking for a coyote puppy. Can be frozen whole or already tanned. Must be mountable for life-size.

    If you do have one email me at [email protected] or pm here

    thank you
  2. I have a half grown one frozen whole. I'd have to get measurements. It's not a little puppy though, it was born last summer and shot in January. Like I said about half adult size. If interested ill get more info for you (pics measure etc)

  3. I have a coyote pup that was taken last May - June, I was going to use it for a project along with a young bobcat kitten I have but don't think I will get around to it this year. I paid $60 plush shipping. If you are interested I will take $60 TYD, I don't want to dig it out of the freezer for pictures if you are not interested. I want to say it is ~ 18-20" NTBOT