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Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by bossman, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. bossman

    bossman New Member

    I want to let everyone know that I ordered 30,000 beetles from orderbugs.com and the second order showed up dead. It did happen last week during cold weather and priority mail took 5 days, they showed up dead. I thought they were cold so I dumpped them into my warm tank and some did come back but not nearly enough. When I called them they wanted me to scoop them out of my tank and send them back so they could put them under a microscope and make sure they got back what they sent me. That was it would not work with me and right before he hung up on me, I said I was going to let everyone know on taxidermy.net about this and he said we were insignificant and just a small part of his buisiness he didnt care. I am reasonable I wanted to work with him and wasnt expecting him to send me 30,000 more but help, and he wasnt having any part of it. So take this as info I had a good experience and then this one.
  2. uwsystemag

    uwsystemag New Member

    Regarding orderbugs.com we have ordered every year with great success

    In regards to the post that someone got a bad deal from orderbugs.com. I am a professor at U of IN. My students have ordered dermestid beetles from orderbugs.com for the last 13 years. This is mandatory for our vet program as they must rearticulate a small animal back together. We have always received a great count and very healthy dermestid beetles. I recommend orderbugs.com to my students because of the great price and healthy beetles. I also only notice great feedback on their website and wonder why if someone got treated bad, why would that post here and not to their website feedback?

  3. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Re: Regarding orderbugs.com we have ordered every year with great success

    I have no stake in this but if you are a professor at the University of Indiana why not at least sign your name to this statement and post a link to your web page? It would give it more credibility. It is hard sometimes to take post number one serious when the only reason it appears to show up is to justify someone else. Just my opinion sir. Take it for what it is worth.

  4. uwsystemag

    uwsystemag New Member

    Re: Regarding orderbugs.com we have ordered every year with great success

    Sorry, I am Dr. Smaly. The reason not to post a link to this ad is I invest no interest to reply's. Simply just stating facts. Even by posting a name just leaves the opportunity for someone to say they work here and never heard of such a name.
    Dr. Smaly
  5. kzttaxidermy

    kzttaxidermy New Member

    Wait a sec, this makes no sense. First if priority mail took 5 days, that would be on the post office not orderbugs.com Even without that this guy states he ordered 30,000 and at the end he says he has ordered here before. What this looks like is the guy that wrote this bad post is buying wholesale and reselling. All he has to do is post bad things about orderbugs thus getting more orders to his sales.
    I would not chime in but as a taxidermist, I have ordered a colony from orderbugs.com every fall and had no problems. If I had to order any place else, it would not be cost effective for me. If you read this orderbugs.com, please dont let things like this get to you. good or bad advertisement, is still advertisement.
  6. sumysum17

    sumysum17 New Member

    Re: Regarding orderbugs.com we have ordered every year with great success

    Im just a mere passerby but I just find something really strange. The two people who defended orderbug.com registered today. As if they purposely did so to defend them. I find this highly suspicious and could this be orderbug themselves?
  7. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Im sure its no surprise that we have someone here using more than one account. My suggestion would be for the person selling to work with the person buying, and the rest of us just read, and sit on our posting hand so we dont complicate things... 8)
  8. bossman

    bossman New Member

    My point to this was info only, I do not resell beetles I use them for cleanining skulls. I mearly stated I had 1 good experience and now this, I was upset by the way I was treated and that he said we as taxi.net were insignificant and hung up on me. I never got beligerent or anything like that. I am taking it up with the post office. I will not go with the bargain basement people again I will buy from here.
  9. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    there is no u.i. there is indiana state and an i.u. and neither has a dvm program, only vet school in the state is purdue. signed the real dr, dr wendt (dvm). fwiw, no vet schools don`t have the students re articulate skeletons or make them use bugs for anything at all.
  10. NTR

    NTR New Member

    Sorry Bill, my posting hand went numb under me :)

    Bob, You R the man!

    To think advertisement is advertisement whether good or bad is about as dumb as someone trying to use smoke and mirrors to cover their butt over a bad deal, especially over such a small amount.) Just man up and deal with your customer, it used to be called customer service. Have your professor friend define that for you. One thing is guaranteed, you will never get my insignificant business.
  11. Buck Hunter

    Buck Hunter Member

    I had very bad experience with the same guy. Also goes under the name skullmounter.com. stay away!!