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VTA Show a Great Success!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Mac McLane, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. A tremendous THANK YOU to: Manny Chavez, Chris Trout, Steve Tugwell, Kris Kave and James Grey for helping make the convention and competition a great success! With 94 mounts this was one of the best showings in the VTA history!
    The same Thanks go to the VTA staff for the work that they done to get the show off the ground, and of course to all who attended, for with out participants we would not have much of a convention! A special Thank you to our out of state competitors from Maryland and North Carolina - Yall come every year to help support the VTA Show and I know you would be sorely missed if you did not attend!

    I would also like to Thank all the new participants who came to the show! It was great to have you there and we hope to see you again next year!

    And last but not least our vendors (whom I shall list later) ! We appreciate your coming and the hospitality spread you chipped in for! It was outstanding!

    Here is a link to some pictures (I hope this works!) - http://s85.photobucket.com/user/Mac_McLane/library/VTA%202014
  2. It was a great show Mac!

  3. Instructor

    Instructor Member

    a GIANT THANKS to All the VTA Board and a Special Thanks to you Mac and Audry! for having me and for your hospitality. indeed a great show! by the way, still sitting in Houston Airport LOL! plane was delayed yesterday.Thank you to all the participants! hope to be back soon.Tuggy, you did a great job!
  4. I had a BLAST! Thanks for initially inviting me, Mac...and it was a pleasure finally meeting you! I'm glad I went, and I plan on attending yearly from here on out.
  5. Nora

    Nora New Member

    Had a very nice time. Now I have to regroup, and get ready for Surry in May! YIKES!!!!
  6. Piro

    Piro New Member

    It was my first time attending the VTA show, but it won't be my last! I also wan't to echo the OP and say that I am very grateful to the VTA and all the judges for their time and effort to put on a great show.
  7. Kittrell Hill

    Kittrell Hill 9 Beard Merriam 2008 Meade Co SD

    I would Like to say I really enjoyed getting my feet wet for the first time judging. I would like to thank the VTA for taking a chance on me and I really learned a lot in that room with 3 other very fine judges. They were all very helpful when I had a question. I was judging this year but I am coming back next year with my trailer full of mounts to try to learn even more. I really have a new respect for judging now its not as easy as I once thought but it is very rewarding being able to try to help taxidermist improve their work. Thanks again VTA and I can't wait until next year!!!!
  8. As Promised: The winners are:

    McKenzie Service Award Danny Waters
    VTA Service Award Tom McComas
    Lifetime Achievement Award Rick Denzler

    Research Mannikin Award Winners
    Chris Conyers, Hunter Moore, Jennifer Carder, Brian Williams

    Taxidermist Choice Best of Category
    Deerhead Ken Devivi
    Game Heads Chris Horne
    Small Game Life Size Amy Carter
    Big Game Life Size Chris Horne
    Birds George Hipes
    Fish Rick Dunlap
    Reptiles Chris Horne
    Habitat Tim Martin
    Wildlife Art Chris Lacy

    Judges Choice Best of Category
    Deerhead Jason Carder
    Game Heads Charles Justice
    Birds Charles Fegan
    Fish Brian Pira
    Reptiles Paul Miller
    Habitat Peggy Bowers

    Deerhead Ken Devivi
    Game Heads Chris Horne
    Small Game Life Size Amy Carter
    Big Game Life Size Chris Horne
    Birds Tim Martin
    Fish Rick Dunlap
    Reptiles Chris Horne
    Habitat Tim Martin

    Special Awards
    Al Homes-Best Habitat Peggy Bowers
    Chem Oddities Brian Pira
    Polytranspar-Best Use of Polytranspar Paint Rick Dunlap
    National Wild Turkey Federation Tim Martin
    Starfish-Best Reproduction Fish Chris Conyers
    Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries Chris Horne
    Billy Taylor Memorial Award-Best Amateur Brian Williams
    Les Harper Award-Best Bear Charles Fegan
    Calloway Award Charles Fegan
    Golden Example Award Ken Devivi
    UTA Artisan Award Chris Horne
    Christ Barnhardt Memorial Award Amy Carter
    Virginia Deer Hunters Association Ken Devivi
    Ducks Unlimited-Best Waterfowl Charles Fegan
    Horizon Award - Best Youth Chris Lacy
    Presidents Award-Turkey Tim Martin
    Van Dykes-Most Original Nickolas Shelton
    WASCO-Most Artistic Charles Fegan
    Best Commercial Award Harold McGuire
    Best All Around-Master Chris Horne
    Competitor's Challenge - Professional Charles Fegan
    Competitor's Challenge - Masters Amy Carter
    Taxidermist Choice Best Of Show Chris Horne
    Judges Choice Best Of Show Tim Martin
    Breakthrough Award Tim Martin

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!
  9. I want to thank the VTA for their awesome hospitality!! I was glad I was able to help and as always enjoyed the fellowship with all my fellow taxidermist. Congrats to all the winners!!
    Sincerely, Chris Trout
  10. Chris, I have to admit your seminar was the most packed I have seen in a long time! Just the tidbit I picked up at the end of it I can't wait to try!

    To all the folk form NC, MD and WV who helped the VTA by attending and promoting our show - Thank you so very much!

    See you in Surry or at the NC state show!
  11. Us PA folks had fun too Mac :p ;D
  12. My apologies Miss Michelle! ::)

    You know the omission was not intentional, how could I ever forget you! ;)
  13. I know Mac I just had to yank your chain alittle ;) ;D LOL
  14. czykdbcz

    czykdbcz Artist or just crazy

    Congrats to all the winners, and all that participated. For me special thanks to Chris trout for his criticism and guidance.
  15. tim martin

    tim martin New Member

    It was a great show! As always, it was great to get down and see my friends from Virginia! I will say, the auction this year was awesome!!

    Tim Martin
  16. redog76

    redog76 New Member

    2nd What Tim said, great times!!! The auction was a great change up from the last few years, Thanks again VTA!!!

    Congrats on the Breakthrough Tim!!
  17. czykdbcz

    czykdbcz Artist or just crazy

    Hey CJ congrats on the cover of taxidermy today. Awesome job
  18. big buck 222

    big buck 222 "You can't make chicken soup out of chicken S--T!"

    Good seeing everyone at the show. Glad you came CJ hadn't seen ya for a while. Tim and Cristi always good to see my brother from another mother and his sexy lady. The turn out was great, the compitition room was full, the banqet and auction a big sucess. Congradulation to all the winners, and thank you VTA board and officers for a great show, can't wait to see next years. I would also like to say the biggest thank you to Doris Simm for years of awsome service and friendship THANK YOU see ya next year. Mark