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Turkey Buyer for Merriams skins

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by tallpaulr, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Got all lined up to bring in a bunch of Merriam's turkeys in a few weeks when season opens had a buyer looking for a bunch, talked to him and the deal is not off so I will have turkeys to move I can send an post pics as them some in all mature toms skinned leg to leg. The entire skin from the head to feet is there to be used I cannot separate it out in parts. Let me know if anyone is interested in numbers of birds thank you, would be willing to talk number deals, I am in SD so shipping can get high depending on where you are located it you have Speedee in your area, that's great. thanks

    I have been told i need to put up here that it is the buyers responsibility to make sure that a purchase in their state is legal, to check your game laws as these are wild shot tagged birds. I have verified on my end that is South Dakota that i can sell them as a whole, not in pieces. Please check your states game laws.

    I also get in some birds each year that come from stocked rio turkey blood lines and thus might have some that would work for those of you that are looking for a rio skin.

    Prices will vary with quantity purchased and what deals we can work out, I was originally selling them for $80 each


  2. o coot

    o coot New Member

    Re: Looking for a Turkey Buyer for Merriams skins

    any rios?? top dollar for them ole coot

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Re: Looking for a Turkey Buyer for Merriams skins

    Is this legal? It's not for most game birds.
  4. Re: Looking for a Turkey Buyer for Merriams skins

    legal on the SD end, turkeys are big game here I have done my research and would not put my name up to do something illegal, I would appreciate if you have questions or concerns not to post them up on the page and start a big deal, contact me, email. pm phone and I will work it out with you. thank you all for your time

    side note I do get some each year that have a lot of rio blood and look to them contact me we can see what you think
  5. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    Re: Looking for a Turkey Buyer for Merriams skins

    This IS a public forum. The concerns over legality expressed help to protect both parties if one or both were ignorant of the laws. Also, a buyer needs to know if it is legal in THEIR state to import from another.
  6. buckrub10

    buckrub10 Well-Known Member

    Re: Looking for a Turkey Buyer for Merriams skins

    I say you better check with the local DNR this could be a violation of the Lacy Act Intrstate transportation of game animals and ,birds no need for a large fine or worse, be safe avoid big trouble,