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new tanning drum by rotramel

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by CoonTrapper2014, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. CoonTrapper2014

    CoonTrapper2014 New Member

    What a great tanning tool! I have had an auto tanner for eight years.; vacuum tanner for six. I have had it for three weeks and after running test capes, I saw better results or same results with a lot more ease. Then tanned two stinky speed goats, lol, two mule deer, and 18 whitetails. Using no salt method, with technical grade potassium aluminum sulfate , surfactant [your choice] and a syntan. Steve will give you recipe with details. NO fall out on anything. It has speed control, forward and reverse . EASY OPEN and CLOSE with no air compression needed. The volume is quite impressive! Best capes I have ever finished because you can tumble your capes. I use corncob grit diotamatous earth, and a cupful of mineral spirits . WOW! Also controls moisture which I found out greatly improves your stretch! Saw no difference from pressure or vacuum on lower lip pads as far as penetration in both pickle or tan . Anyone who has done some tanning knows this is a go to spot to tell you what is going on [yes I thin the pads]. The timer on the unit has min. and hrs. It's remarkably easy to stop, open, check pH, close, and start again. Twisted capes are thing of the past. There is more but I better stop before someone finds something to criticize. I am not selling them, I just wanted to thank Steve for his time and effort and God-given abilities which have helped us all. Read some of his articles, or better yet all of them. For instance, how many of you guys and gals really understand you are not tanning until you reach a pH of 4? Anything under that is still a pickle.

    Again, Steve thank you, Blessings to all,
    The coontrapper
  2. lrc1492

    lrc1492 Member

    I am ordering one at the first part of April cant wait to get started with it. I to use a pressure tanner and I like it but I'm looking forward to the ease of use this machine gives. Cant wait!!!

  3. CoonTrapper2014

    CoonTrapper2014 New Member

    You wont be disappointed. No matter what solution you use, pickle time is greatly reduced, and it is so easy to stop and see what is going on then continue. The biggest change I have seen is what I call [The motion of the ocean] the drum is the same application the tanneries use. You can hear the capes sloshing around in the drum, first slowly at speed one or two, then faster once you know your hair is set. The circulation of the cape and solution are what improves pickle, and tanning penetration. The way the capes are lifted and dropped in solution by the internal fingers keep ALL areas of capes affected. I am not bashing auto tanners, vacuum tanners, or five gallon pails. That would only be kickin my own ass. Because I have used them all. I am saying my results have greatly improved, and my CONFIDENCE elevated. I am a full time taxidermist of 16 years and have not posted sooner, because I didn't feel I had made enough mistakes to give positive feedback. I have competed at State, National, and world show, and have done well ! A lot of that is because of this site. Thanks to all . and good tanning.
  4. pikes peak

    pikes peak 2011 deer i mounted

    post a picture if you would
  5. nickstax

    nickstax New Member

    more info please.
  6. CoonTrapper2014

    CoonTrapper2014 New Member

    Steve can you help?
  7. Steve Rotramel

    Steve Rotramel We got some radical rebels in this county!

    Sure, anyone who would like info please PM me or call 618-771-1046.

    Thank you Dave for the kind words!
  8. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    What do they sell for?