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Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Cyndi, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Cyndi

    Cyndi New Member

    March 31,2014


    “WANTING INFROMATION’ I’m not trying to 'INAPPROPRIATELY ‘BASH’, ‘FLAMING’, ’ anyone here.................... JUST NEED HELP...................
    I need help…………………..13 months still trying to get bugs out of house and basement………

    I had a guy to start bleaching skulls in my rental house in the basement. . I wasn't aware of. Living there since 2009. I had him evicted.

    Infested with rats, roaches, snakes, flies, god I don't know what else in house.
    I've had the house fumigated 3 times, (1 smoke-out, 2 sprayed) I need more. The dead animal parts, bones, smell, junk, damage did ’SHOCKING’.

    If he needed something he would find something upstairs to use, needed a small board he went to a window ripped the board off the window ledge, use the board putting hooks in it for hanging skins. He remodeled basement, barrels everywhere, 5 freezers, hanging ropes all over the ceiling, reworking the wiring, over loading power sockets, 4 sockets he double them to 8 sockets, changing the water pump so he could get large amounts of water coming into the house. Brand new pump purchased 2009. The pump man said that the pump was blown up due to the large amount of work it was doing, that he’s surprise the house didn’t burn down.

    Damage bricks going down stairs, remodeling the walkway to get to the basement from the outside. He cleaned/sock animals in the upstairs bath tub; the grease in tub is so nasty I can't stand to think about. The upstairs had blood on walls, mini blinds, infested roaches got into fridge/dishwasher; fridge had to go to landfill, and the kitchen sink disgusting I can't even tell you.
    The stove eye burners are bent, burnt, oven took 2 cans of clean, broken glass in it.

    The back yard was a junk yard. Without permission horrible enough, he made what I call his hot tub off the side of the deck 3 feet tall, 12 feet long, and 4 feet wide added dirt saying he would someday have flowers there. It was his animal graveyard found out when removing the bugs/dirt/plastic to rip down, stench so bad.

    To add he’s not license. I’ve call the wild life officer I don’t think they’re going to do anything.

    I'm having a hard time understanding.

    I will be closing my house up until I can get a handle on what has happened.

  2. Cyndi I'm not understanding what " information" you're looking for. If you're asking about the bugs, they were probably demisted beetles if he was cleaning skulls. If you are asking about the roaches, rats, junkyard lawn, bloody greasy walls ,mini blinds, or tub, I don't know what to tell you. Other than sounds like he lived like a pig and most reputable taxidermists don't operate that way. :eek:

  3. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    Maybe DeJaVu but I swear someone posted the exact same post a few months back. ???
  4. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    sounds like a scene from wrong turn or the texas chainsaw massacre.as for bugs prob dermisteds.
  5. DL

    DL Well-Known Member

    Insurance paid up? Fire is your best bet to get rid of everything.
  6. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    It is highly recommended that you leave the house when fumigation begins... ::)
  7. Jason O

    Jason O Active Member

    looks like a piss poor landlord,what about annual inspections ,we check ours every couple months.