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unused bones wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by darkvampiredrake, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. darkvampiredrake

    darkvampiredrake too curious for my own good

    If anyone has any skeletons left over from anything (except fish, raccoons, rodents, or something illegal to own or sell in the U.S) I'm really interested in getting some skeletons to work with. Preferably near-complete bone sets from same animal, but they don't have to be clean or articulated at all. Minus the skin is preferred, as I would have no use for it and it would go to waste. Some mildly damaged bones are also acceptable if the rest of the skeleton is in fair shape. I am very limited on funds, so I probably can't pay more than $60 and reasonably low shipping.
  2. turkeycreate

    turkeycreate New Member

    Hello : I have 2 Rio Turkey bones minus the head,wings and legs.Do you want them ?They are from a fresh kill over the weekend.

  3. raesean

    raesean New Member

    I've got a surplus of random sheep/goat/cow bones.... Let me know if your interested & what sizes/etc.
  4. darkvampiredrake

    darkvampiredrake too curious for my own good

    I don't suppose you'd have enough of any for a full skeleton? I'd really love to assemble any of those species, but even if there aren't enough to put together, I'd probably still be interested depending on what you have. If you could send me pictures or a summary of what bones you have specifically, along with relative price estimates, I will gladly take a look.