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Articulated Siberian Tiger....Pics

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Skullery, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. O. K. Now that I got the pictures posted alright , Meet "Star", the 600 lb. Siberian Tiger I just finished articulating. This is only my second articulation as I did an African Lion last year at this time. Obviously this tiger was born raised and died in the state of wi. so is completely legal for me to own. Doing my first articulation last year was quite a learning curve, so I was not too quick to jump on this one. After I got going on it I was able to avoid some of the problems I ran into last year , this one was much more enjoyable. Now I look forward to doing my next big cat but maybe one a year is enough fitting into my time schedule. This cat I cleaned from carcass so was in control of it from start to finish, the way I like it. Will appreciate any and all comments and suggestions. Thanks. Skullery...Jeff
  2. Very nice! I like the open mouth.
  3. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    Wow. If the skeleton is 600lbs, the cat must have been really heavy with all of the soft tissue!

    Just kidding. The skeleton looks great.
  4. Wouter

    Wouter Member

    Great skeleton, I like it a lot! I wish I had enough space to build and display skeletons of this size ;). Very good idea to let it stand on its own skin, I should remember that when I get a big cat to skeletonize. This way you can kill two birds with one stone: a good destination for the skin which I would hate to throw in the garbage, and it will be obvious what species of cat it is.

  5. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Very, intensely awesome. And well done too. Printed cow hide for the base covering? It's a neat idea.
  6. Thanks for your comments, glad you like it too. Yes, the imprinted cowhide I got off of ebay works well and gets the message across as Wouter said, otherwise it looks just like another African Lion. The cowhide is much, much cheaper and serves it purpose. Thats the same thing I had done on the lion only with an imprinted zebra hide. After all I 'm not trying to show off the hide only accent the skeleton. The original hides had stayed with the taxidermist I bought the carcass off of so I had to make replica claws also. I really didn't want the hide nor could I have afforded them. Then to cut them up to fit the base, no way. Thanks again. Skullery....Jeff
  7. flintlough

    flintlough Member

    So VERY cool. It would be a lot of fun to tackle articulating something like this. I think you did a great job. The open mouth, head up look animates him perfectly.

    I haven't done a lot of articulation but since you did ask for feedback, I will just throw this out there. It appears that you attached the scapulae directly to the ribs. In deer, the scapula is set off the ribs about 1", separated by soft tissue. I would imagine the same space on this cat to be more than an inch. Inserting a spacer to offset the scapula could widen the shoulder girdle by up to maybe 4". I think it would give him a more powerful appearance. Just a thought.

    Purely constructive.

    Thanks so much for posting it.
  8. Thanks alot Flintlough for the comments. The thought about the scapula is something I hadn't thought about but I do understand where you are coming from. I will definately be thnking about that, good point. I have never seen an actual articulation of a lion or tiger except for pictures and I am sure they are not all right, or what is exactly correct. Somewhat of a guess on some things. Viewing tigers at the zoo I have been very impressed by the size and massive look of their shoulders and it would be great to somehow incorporate that in the look of the articulation. It is even possible to alter this one I think with out too much difficulty. Great comment, thanks again.
  9. thats AWESOME!!!!! GREAT job.
  10. Bones N Beasts

    Bones N Beasts New Member

  11. lokireptiles

    lokireptiles Member

    First of all I want to say ----That is awesome!!!!! I wish some day I could get my hands on something as cool as that to work on.

    I am by far an expert myself. I am just learning.... One of the important things that was brought up in a prior post by Flintlough was the Scapula of your Tiger was mounted too close to the ribs and that should be widened, and even in what you brought up in a later post the massiveness of a Tiger's shoulders. I have been reading Lee Posts book on Canine Construction (Volume Eight) and also The Small Mammal Manual Manuscript (Volume Nine). Which I think will help you considerably it has really helped me see how things should line up. I think you should be focusing on two things: your tiger's rib cage, and secondly the angle of "elbows" and the paws of the front legs to better achieve the massive look of a Tiger.

    To my eye it seems like the ribs in the front have been compressed in too far in and the elbows should be turned out while the paws need to come closer together. This has reduced the look of the shear pouncing powerhouse that is a tiger you are working to display. Take a look at the tiger skeleton and the two of the tiger walking towards the camera especially the one of the Bengal Tiger I have included links to below it should help you see what is going on so you can tweak your awesome articulation. Please accept these constructive criticisms.

    You have done a great job that just may need a bit of fine tuning to be spectacular. Keep up the good Work don't get discouraged sometimes its the littlest thing that makes the biggest difference!

    Bengal Tiger:

    Bone Clones Sabertooth Cat Smilodon Articulated Skeleton.

    Amur Leopard(Panthera pardus orientalis) fully articulated skeleton.

    Although these are not of a tiger these pictures of the Lynx shows how wide the ribs should be in another cat.

    Tiger skeleton drawing
    Tiger skeleton:

    Tiger walking towards camera and old tiger skeleton:
  12. Hi Lokireptiles. I see this is your first post. Thank you for taking the time to share all of the links and for your constructive critique. You seem to know a lot already for just saying you are newer to it. I will study everything you said and the links you kindly shared, that should all help me. It is getting late or I would start on it now but will wait until I am more refreshed. Welcome to the forums and sharing with all of us your thoughts. Hope to hear from you more on here. Thanks to everyone else who has contributed as well, it certainly makes the whole experience that much more meaningful when shared with all. Skullery...Jeff Good night.
  13. boarzhead

    boarzhead God created man... Samuel Colt made them equal!

    Great Job.. Would love to do one someday
  14. Very nice !