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skins, capes, mannikins... shop cleaning

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Martin, May 13, 2014.

  1. Martin

    Martin roes, my obsession, my fate

    all wet tanned:
    2x Dassie (Hyrax)
    1x Zebra only head
    1x Warthog cape
    1x Oryx Cape with trophy
    1x Moufflon lifesize
    1x Blue Wildebeest Cape
    2x Kudu Cape
    1x Red Hartebeest fullskin

    1x Vaal Rhebok Cape wet tanned with trophy

    2x badgers wet tanned (without bones)

    most of the capes/skins need usual little repair, no big deal

    1x raccoon head
    1x Hauser fox G-F 12-R
    1x badger front high
    3x badger 6-16 legs separately (Schwarz?)
    1x marmot Hauser G-MT 8L
    1x marmot G-702 (Schwarz?)
    1x wildcat head
    1x rabbit head
    2x hare head
    1x capercallie body Hauser VK-AU3
    2x black grouse body (Schwarz?)
    1x medium badger standing (front up)
    1x otter OT-1 McKenzie
    1x wolverine WLV-27 McKenzie
    1x bear cub LBR-7 McKenzie

    most of them are new/un-used

    Within European Union