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Blank for this beauty ??

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Bender, May 17, 2014.

  1. Check out the sensational colours on this Brown ! The fish was released, measured 70 cm long (27 1/2 ins), no girth measurement given , broad across back. Gotta be a good quality blank with sharp scale detail . Im hoping Joshua Knuth will see this, I did send him email about last one I was looking for but he must have missed it. Ive exhausted most options for a match for this one, any other recommendations anybody ? Thanks John.

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  2. Lake country replicas has a 27 incher. Very pretty fish, congratulations.

  3. Hey John,

    Sorry if I missed your email. Been crazy here still.

    I have a male brown that is about 27" or so. Spawning male, but it may have a bigger girth.
    Ill find a pic of the blank for you. I will warn you its a male full spawn so it has the pits in the back where the scale pockets have fattened up. Its an easy fix with some putty but just wanted to warn ya.
    Its a nice fish, my personal fish.
  4. Here he is.
    Looks a bit taller then your fish.
    Its 27.5"

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  5. I also have this fish.
    25" x 15" female brown.
    Its body shape is closer but the tail fin and head is wrong. I could likely swap out the tail and modify or swap the head to get it closer should hit about close to 27-27.5 with the mods and have a close shape.

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  6. Thanks for responses guys. I have looked up Lake Country Replicas n emailed them. Also sent Joshua a pm , I rekon that female blank will be close with a bit of modification. ;)