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G'day, new bloke to the forum from Australia

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by CBR954, May 19, 2014.

  1. G'day everyone. New to the forum and thought I would introduce myself as I'll be hanging around here a bit as I'm looking at trying my hand at a bit of taxidermy soon.

    My name is James and I live on the east coast of Australia, about an hour North of Sydney. Have access to a few different properties around NSW where I've hunted everything from bunnies, foxes, cats, goats, pigs up to Fallow deer. I'm sure a lot of you would know we have 6 species of deer in Australia, and I am yet to get something other than Fallow but I am working on it. I have been hunting for about 5 years now, and am starting to build up a few trophies which I'm very happy with, especially as time to get out hunting is hard to find for me unfortunately.

    I have been thinking about getting into mounting animals for a while and am going to have a red hot crack at it. I know it's not easy, and you get a lot of advice saying just take it to a professional. But it is something I am serious about learning, and pretty much just for my own personal use for my trophies. I'm just going to take my time and do as much research as I can.

    I am buying a couple of DVDs and I have a photo reference CD coming for fallow deer. I have two fallow capes getting tanned at the moment. One will be my first run on a small head, and IF I am happy with the result I will do my big head as well. This forum looks like an amazing resource so I will be trawling it thoroughly. I'll keep any questions to a minimum unless I can absolutely not figure out what I'm after.

    Here's a few pics of a couple of euro mounts I have done. A medium fallow, and a 33" feral goat, onto a backing of Ironbark timber cut from a dead tree limb that's been on the ground for 30+ years from the property the goat was shot.




    Fox skull

    Knife I made new scales for out of a cast fallow antler.

    My big fallow. Would love to get him up on the wall!


    Anyway, thanks for looking, and I look forward to learning as much as possible!
  2. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    welcome to Taxi net...

  3. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

  4. HAPP

    HAPP Active Member

    Welcome to the family!
  5. G'Day James and welcome aboard mate, good to see another Aussie here. Hope you have a crack at those fallow soon mate ;)

  6. ...is it just me, or did anyone else read this with an Australian accent? :p

    Welcome, friend!
  7. Dave Byrd

    Dave Byrd Active Member

    I read your reply and laughed at myself. I was doing my best Dundee through the whole thing.

    Welcome CBR954...a lot of good folks here... and information too!
  8. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller Active Member

    Finally a beginner who can read, has a brain and common sense.With your displayed attitude and ability to understand, I see no reason you won't do well. Good luck
  9. Welcome CBR954 ,theres plenty of helpful pros on here enjoy it mate. ;)
  10. murty

    murty New Member

    G'day James, mate ya can't go wrong by using this site, everyones very helpful. You've got the right idea, and if you are keen enough, you won't have any problems with taxidermy. Just stick at it. Your first head may not be the best, but if you try and learn as much as possible, you'll be right. It's a tad harder over here in Aus, there aren't many taxidermy instructors you can go to. One things for sure, once you start, you're hooked. Rob Murtons Fish and Game Taxidermy, Goolwa South Australia.
  11. diggitydave1

    diggitydave1 Taxidermy and Golf, both will drive you Crazy!

    welcome james, good luck.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!!

    I am buying my first house at the moment and will be moving in about 4 weeks, so once I get my garage sorted out I'll be looking at my first project getting started. Looking very forward to it..in the meantime just researching.

    Blacks I recognised your name from AHN, I'll also be putting progress up there as well as I go.

    Cheers, James
  13. Look forward to it mate, I'll have a few more to post there soon too, just as soon as the current batch return from the tannery ;)

  14. neecf02

    neecf02 New Member

    Welcome to tax.net. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Getting dvd to watch and reading a lot of info on this website will help you in the right direction. I've been learning taxidermy for about a year and half now. A couple of suggestions I'd make to you before you do your big game heads. Don't get into a big rush to do your heads right away. I know you're excited, but really take your time and study. Study the process of mounting, what materials you're gonna need etc. Study the anatomy of the animals you're going to mount and look at references. Also I would type in the search box for "critiques" of whatever animal you're gonna do. I find that helps me a lot because I can read all the advice that taxidermists tell on how to do things better. After awhile I try to look at the photos and try to guess all that is wrong with them first before I read the taxidermist's critique to see if I was right. Really take advantage of this website...look up "how to set antlers", "how to set eyes", "Clayworks" to see the claywork on the form before the hide goes on etc. The other thing i'd suggest is try mounting a small animal that you don't really care about. That way you learn hands on the process of mounting. I have a whitetail buck, whitetail doe and whitetail fawn in the freezer wet tanned that I've had for awhile and want to do them as one piece, but I first tried mounting a opossum, a skunk and a couple of birds first just to get the basics. Sorry its so long. Enjoy!
  15. That's good advice white feather.
  16. aussiesam

    aussiesam I'm an Australian.

    Hello & welcome.

    You have arrived at the best place to learn.

  17. foxyhawky

    foxyhawky Dont Blame Me, Blame the Vicodin

    'ello dere nice to meet ya
  18. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Welcome. Most everyone here is very helpfull.
  19. bigyay

    bigyay Member

    Welcome mate.
  20. Heyo.

    I am new myself. I have started on rabbits lol cause you know .. everywhere down here!

    Im down in QLD....

    There are some confusing laws regarding taxidermy in NSW - 1 reason why i dont live there LOL.
    Some being that you can not send salted skins out of the state
    Not sure on roadkill .. i know in QLD i cna pick up anything that isnt Native (here is a big step) Natives ... No idea if you need a permit or not to pick them up in NSW. QLD it is a no no .. although i think theres a permit.

    Might have to ask you for some fallow capes if you are ever willing to give one up lol. I don't get to hunt deer ... ok yes i do (friends with a hunting guide) but nah i cant be bothered to travel 9 hours in a car lol.


    DO NOT BUY FROM ANYONE ON HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE A LICENSED EXPORTER ON THEIR SIDE. or they are from australia .. then its safe. America has some crazy laws on exporting furs/bones/mounts/antlers compared to us where as far as i know in my state i dont need a licence to export anything so long as it isnt endangered or native.