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when to tape, card, or bind a bird

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by fox hunter, May 24, 2014.

  1. fox hunter

    fox hunter New Member

    Can you please give me advice when its necessary to hold feathers in place, ive now done about 15 birds, and im not really sure about when you have to tape or card a birds feathers, is it really needed, as i seem to get curled feathers even when i do card or bind the primary wing feathers, i finished this magpie today and have only carded the tail as i wanted to fan the feathers out a bit, does it need carding do you think, also any comments if you think i could improve on the magpie would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. 03TANKER

    03TANKER New Member

    I have to say I as well am curious of this, but nice Magpie! I usually card the tail if I want the feathers pushed out more than the way they sit naturally, and usually tape on flying smaller birds wings as they don't ever sit right.

  3. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    beautiful bird fox hunter. I ''card'' wings on even small ducks using a piece of foam behind then card on top pin into the foam it's lightweight and holds them just where I want them.Caulking inside wings up to the digit ''hand'' joint helps also for the secondary feathers but drying skin could pull primaries out of place,IF not secured. Some taxis use wire underneath to support the feathers ESPECially the secondaries. Then when the last primary is pulled out to position it's secured with one large pin. Watching a dvd by Stefan Savides will explain this better. Go on line utube I think it''ll be shown on there.
  4. turkeyshooter

    turkeyshooter Member

    That is a beautiful bird. Great Job! Looks alive to me. ;)
  5. ryan rhodes

    ryan rhodes Active Member

    I rarely card anything, I feel like I make more of a mess out of things when I card or tape. And if I need to move something and it's taped, then I have to regroom everything the tape was on in the first place. If it's a heavy tail I'll card it. Occasionally I'll wrap a bird with string or yarn, but as to when I do it is different in every situation. If I feel I need to, I do! When I do flying birds I use foam neck material and pins. I don't like to hinder my ability to groom at any point in the drying process. If the bird is covered in carding and tape, how can you see what's going on?!