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how to kill a bird

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by rookie541, May 27, 2014.

  1. Kinglet

    Kinglet New Member

    alright we all have our differences lets put this aside till the next.

    Wa just think and look back at what your saying don't argue it gets the best out of all of us. Even over something as stupid as killing a bird.
  2. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    wa, don't worry, you'll get over it. You still do the best bobcats I've ever seen. That alone earns you a pass from me. Imagine what I'd say if I didn't like you?

  3. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    wow wa you earned a pass from George....that must make you special........right up there with the inchumuk award or WASCO award or akely award....
  4. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Damned close.
  5. Paul I

    Paul I New Member

    George I have bought mounts from him on ebay.Cats,Foxes and Birds he sets the goal.
  6. foxyhawky

    foxyhawky Dont Blame Me, Blame the Vicodin

    I did electricity, but not beak to butt. I used wing to wing. It works the same and is more dignified. Believe me , I wouldn't want the last thing I feel to be a clamp on my anus
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I wouldn't want to crap an ostrich egg out my butt either, but I doubt "remembering" will be very long term to begin with.
  8. foxyhawky

    foxyhawky Dont Blame Me, Blame the Vicodin

    yeah guess your right, still, Its weird.
  9. Lmao and I ain't just typing that... Literally I'm laughing my a$$ off. I had a rough evening in the shop. Painted a 35 inch striped bass and mounted a canvasback. Upon completion of the duck habitat I bumped into a laquer bottle that I must not have closed the lid well and watched dark bass green spill all over my beautiful 35 inch silver striped bass. Ah #€||!!! So I came in flying high on laquer a few minutes ago after repainting the dang thing thinking to myself... Wonder what showed up on bird of the week. I planned on posting the canvasback. When it wasn't here I thought how to kill a bird has become a long thread. How many ways are there.... I mean really....

    And here I set laughing with tears running down my face... George, WA, etc I needed the laugh. Thanks!!!

    Wa I respect your work as there is no comparison. I'm a broke country girl learning taxidermy on my own but if I had the money I'd give you whatever you asked just to watch you mount a bobcat or fox or bird or horse turd cause your work is ..... is well there aren't words besides perfectly living! Aww inspiring!!

    George you've given me great advice off and on and I swear I can argue with a fence post just for laughs so i love reading yours. Your experience speaks for itself that your ways work. I appreciate you being here to keep us all in check. What fun would it be here really without George. If you wouldn't miss George you don't know how to take him. Maybe he does get flames running up his face while he's arguing but I doubt it. He's just opinionated. I am too and I hope people still love me. Now Im sure George could give a rats behind if you love him but I'd sure miss him.

    I post on and off mostly looking for someone to tell me what all I did wrong again. I been at this now a year and a half and haven't had a day I don't get on and read or look at pictures.

    I've met rude, arrogant, friendly, helpful and everything in between. I like it all cause its the one thing we are going for.... Heck it's real! Alive! I know we are all reaching for our work to be so thanks for keeping the forum that way!

    Btw here's a funny one for ya. I had 3 roosters to kill one day. I never killed a bird besides with a gun so I set around with a couple people discussing it. Now these were to be eat so we were thinking clean ways. I thought I might mount them if any ideas worked but I hadn't mounted a bird yet so it was a passing thought.

    Well I arrive with a friend who is going to spectate.... She thought I was nuts when I said ok yeah on the way I gotta murder a few chickens... I was armed with a fish net, bat, and no idea. First one I netted I tried to cover its mouth and nose. It pecked a hole in my fingers.... Fast suckers.... So I just grabbed its neck and wrung it like I do after I shoot a turkey.... Handful of neck feathers tossed to the side and hmmm. Next.... I netted it and reached in to grab it, a cut thru the hand and it come out flogging got loose and I was having trouble catching it so I smacked it with a home run... Lights out and broke beak and skull. Oh boy this was not humane... So I'm feeling kinda bad but not too much cause I remember watching my granny kill them years ago...last one... I look over my shoulder at the pond. Alrighty... Drownded that sucker and headed home thinking next time ill call someone that knows how to do this crap better.. Now I got all kinds of humane non humane ideas to try... Lol