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I need to beat the dead horse..........

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Bryan Russell, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    I have ranted before(as have many others) About "shipping" charges from Mckenzie.
    Well, I have now officially had it with them.
    I ordered 5 prs of plastic fish eyes, 5 prs of glass fish eyes and a qt of latex. Total weight 3 lbs.
    I was charged $24 for shipping !!!!!!! :eek:
    They could give a fat crap........... :mad:
  2. Well... pass the charge along and up your price.

  3. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    I saved over 500 dollars last year alone by watching for sales and using company's with cheaper shipping
  4. Perca

    Perca Well-Known Member

    I have saved substantially on shipping from McKenzie by asking for small packages to be shipped by USPS. I think to some extent McKenzie is being blamed for high shipping costs when UPS is the real culprit. I ship fish by UPS that I sell on ebay and buyers often bark at ME for sky high shipping costs when it's not my fault. Just sayin'.
  5. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I agree with Perca. UPS has really gone up in their rates over the years.
  6. How do you think they pay their drivers ridiculous wages?
  7. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I think they earn it. They have to really hussle and there's a gps locator that keeps track of them to the nearest foot. On top of that a lot of them blow their knees out from jumping up and down from their trucks.
  8. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    The same old bitch and it seems to always come from people who're charging the same thing they did in 1990. Do any of you ever try to look at the big picture before spouting this crap. In 1990 milk was $1.42, bread was $1.29, the average new car was just under $10,000 and gas was $1.16. Check that gas price. You might pay that for a litre in Canada, but damned sure not a gallon here in the states. Look at the miles the average UPS driver drives every day, 5 days a week. He drives almost 200 miles every day with over 150 deliveries per truck in outlying areas (less miles in the cities but more deliveries). Drivers make good wages with benefits because their agreement is to be there EVERY day and to work until the truck is emptied. (Probably don't get the best gas mileage with that many stop and go's) If that means working till 9 p.m., so be it. If that's such a great deal, why the hell are you guys doing taxidermy and not driving for UPS? EVERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS RAISES PRICES COMMENSURATE WITH OPERATING COSTS INCREASES. There's a novel approach from Civics 101. Every time you place an order from McKenzie, you're asked "Is UPS all right?" WELL????????? What do you say? Are you telling them that you'd rather have it shipped USPS?

    Personally, I think this whining is typical of today's America. It's always someone else's fault that you're a piss poor business person. I usually order in bulk, often times asking for truck freight rates, but when I have a small order, I think twice about whether it's too fragile or prohibited to send through the mail. If it doesn't meet that, then I hold off on the order until it is reasonable. And if it was piss poor planning on my part that I truly needed this supply that quickly, I suck it up and check the "STUPID" tattoo on my forehead in the mirror.
  9. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Many seem to not know or realize that when you ship via USPS, you are actually shipping FEDEX. Yes, it's true. The US Post office has contracted with Fedex. It may be your local post man that delivers it to your door, but from the distribution center to your local post office.........that is done via Fedex. I did not realize this until recently that PRIORITY MAIL is actually a FEDEX program.

    Yesterday I ordered some dental acrylic materials and the supply company told me that shipping would be 10.50 via UPS. I asked if Spee-dee or USPS would be cheaper. She told me that their shipping charges are ALWAYS 10.50 regardless of weight or size. Be it 100lbs or 10oz. shipping is always 10.50. That made me go HMMMM, and wonder why OUR suppliers couldn't contract such a deal for us. She told me that she could ship with whomever I choose, but that I would have to pay the difference on the upcharge.

    Maybe there is something to this shipping charges conspiracy. Makes me wonder now. :-\
  10. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    Flat Rate boxes..........

    USPS offers Flat Rate prices with their boxes (boxes are FREE!) If it fits .... it ships (up to 75 lbs) ...... anywhere in the U.S. Ask for that on small items (eyes, etc...)


  11. Cory

    Cory Keep an eye on quality!

    Sounds like a good deal to me, I know I sure as HE!! can't drive there and back for $24.
  12. Duckslayr

    Duckslayr Active Member

    Valid points being made, and yes, it's our job to request what shipping company to use. However, this does not explain or excuse why McKenzie is consistently higher shipping than any other company I do business with for similar size items.

    That being said, ALWAYS request usps for small items, and ship truck with large orders! It's obviously no secret that your going to be gouged if they ship ups, so refuse to do it!
  13. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    I had a feeling this would get blown out of proportion...
    MY point was it is overcharging, period. I came up with $11 to ship back to the same zip?
    "handling" Can't be more than actual shipping?
  14. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Bryan, on your comparison, did you add in the pick up charge?
  15. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    As I said before they tack on handling charges. I went through this before. I checked shipping back the same box and it was half the cost they charged.
  16. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I just paid well over $100 to ship a deer hide and antlers to IL for the Yoxathon. This was UPS ground, not next day or anything special.
  17. A- Fish

    A- Fish Stehling's Taxidermy

    You do realize that it costs more to ship to residential addresses vs commercial or industrial. If you are operating out of your house or residential property, shipping " back" to McKenzie will always be cheaper then shipping to you. You also have to factor in all the surcharges for delivering to your addresses verses to McKenzie.

    Shipping is almost always done at a LOSS by any company. Trust me, I ship everyday. McKenzie's price are right in line with the going rates.I have never seen a shipment from them that reflected them charging for handling. If they did charge for handling, so what ? Are they supposed to eat the costs of the boxes, packing materials and labor costs of crating because taxidermists don't know how to set their pricing ? I think you all would be shocked if you found out just how much McKenzie spends on these additional costs, costs that are not being passed on to you. Costs that are being absorbed and are coming directly off of their bottom line.
  18. Jim F.

    Jim F. Let's go Fishin!!!

    I'm not sure how much handling charge they tack on.
    I just received an order that came in a 34" x 20" x 17" box, about 3 deer head form size.
    Shipped Spee-Dee Delivery. Total shipping was $8.89. If they added any handling charges out of that $8.89, It couldn't
    have been much.
    Plus I had to have one item shipped from NC. and they sent it USPS and didn't charge anything for that.
  19. CannonQ

    CannonQ New Member

    As a carrier for the USPS, let me shed a little light. All shippers are intertwined anymore. Our last mile in the delivery arena is the most efficient. We are at every house, every day. UPS's logistics of moving parcels across the country is better than ours. They offer shipping through us " I believe they call it UPS Mail Solutions." Fancy terms that mean your paying them to use us.
    We do a good part of fed ex ground parcels also.
    Because it's cheaper. Fed Ex makes money shipping through us.
    The UPS guy empties half his truck at our station every morning. Our parcel share has increased 18% last year alone and continues to grow.
    We are definitely a very competitive shipping option now, and I encourage everyone to give us a try.
    If you are a supply business , ask your carrier about our Customer Connect program. We would love your business.

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  20. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    I live in Michigan and just received a DVD from Mc Kenzie, it arrived in 3 days, USPS cost was 2 dollars, that's not bad. They also shipped me the wrong fish flesher on a previous order due to the wrong part number listed in the catalog, when I notified them they sent the correct one and said to keep the first one, no complaint here.