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maceration heating question.

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by duxdown, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    I have an old chest type freezer that I have this idea of basically turning into a heated box for maceration buckets. Was thinking of using a heat bulb or maybe just a flood light. have any of you ever tried that and if so did it keep the water warm enough? I know I will need to build a degreasing bucket with a aquarium heater as well.
  2. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I JUST converted one of my old freezers (that I was worried was going to die anyway!) into a hot box. It has heating coils in it and a thermostat and holds to a remarkably constant temperature! I would go that rout instead of bulbs - I think those are harder to control. Also, they are designed for light (right?) why not use the things that are designed for heat? That's got to be more efficient.

  3. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Great Skulls what do you recommend as far as heating coils?
  4. Great Skulls, can you post a picture of your set up, sounds like a grea idea.