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new skulls and birds skins

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by juanskulls, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. juanskulls

    juanskulls skulls,skins,skeletons expert

    hello i have this new clean skulls..very perfect..also have many more skulls,skins and clean skeletons

    and i also have this birds skins for mount well salted...
    any interested buyer should not hesitate to inbox me at [email protected] for more pictures and details

    attach with pictures of the skulls will send details pictures...of skulls please only interested buyers please

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  2. Re: new skulls and birds skins SCAMMER


  3. Do you except Western Union?
  4. Yes he does take western union, he will take you money and run Buyer beware. I order 2 parcels from him and didn't receive either one. He made up a fake tracking number to show that he had sent the parcel. I even tried to track it on the Cameroon mail site and it does not show up. Don't order from him, he will rip you off.
  5. randyone

    randyone New Member

    Why is he still allowed on here?
  6. He should be banned forever on every taxidermy site
  7. Kind of figured that with the broken English.
  8. Nhart

    Nhart Member

    I'm not sticking up for Juan - I don't know him or his honesty or selling practices. I do have to say that you can't make too much fun of his broken language though. I'm sure English is his second language - French is probably his first. So regardless of his selling, I bet there aren't a whole lot of us that could operate on this forum in a second language. I can barely use the English language and it's my only language!
  9. juanskulls

    juanskulls skulls,skins,skeletons expert

    randyone,Northern Bird Artist i will like to tell you that cameroon postal service do not give any information once parcel is send over seas.and delivery information comes in only when parcel has entered country of destination and it is out of country custom then the post office takes it and put on the country web for it to be trace

    but Northern Bird Artist what i can tell you is that you paid me to ship your birds and your birds were all posted and hear in cameroon we don't have a spacial air flight that carries packages.

    my english may be bad i am a french speaking Cameroonian

    but i thing this should be an end of chart and Northern Bird Artist what i can tell you is business is patient and i will get your birds replace,

    same thing happen to a client of mind in Sweden till now he never received the first package and he paid me 300euro and what i could do was to send him a replacement box same birds and it was received after 7days wish was supper air flight are not the same and we don't have a spacial flight from cameroon postal service that carries parcels