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Moose head trophy mount

Discussion in 'Deer & Gamehead Photos' started by AMNHconservator, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. AMNHconservator

    AMNHconservator New Member

    I am an intern conservator at the American Museum of Natural History, and I am currently restoring a moose trophy mount. At this stage, I am unable to confirm its age or provenance, but I would like to learn more about this specimen and how it was prepared. It was mounted by G.A. Davis (Fredericton, NB). Has anyone ever heard of this taxidermist or know anything about him/her? It would be nice to know more about the mounting technique and I'm particularly interested in whether the antlers were treated, stained or coated in any way. I've been cleaning the antlers and I keep removing a black like material, which is most likely years of dirt accumulation. But I am a little concerned that I may be removing more than just dirt. Would anyone know whether taxidermists would customarily stain or paint antlers for trophy mounts? And what the nature of these coatings might have been?

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  2. bowerbird

    bowerbird New Member

    Could be a number of things a day only a personal inspection might be able to identify. As you have touched on it might be accumulated dust and dirt, where it was hung or stored would have influence on that. It may be painted on stain, potassium permanganate is an old school favorite, some close up photos would help, but these are only my thoughts