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Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by Randy Osman, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Randy Osman

    Randy Osman New Member

    Be careful of a guy called matt mike e-mail name,I believe he is a scam.He tried to sell me a elk cape for $50.00 I told him I would send him a check and gave him my address and phone#but he would only take a moneygram,would not give me his # or address and when I stop e-mails with him I feel if he was for real he would call me.I could be wrong but I do not think so.
  2. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    I would bet your instincts are correct. You know the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true...". And $50.00 for an elk cape in good condition is most likely too good. But the clincher is the money gram thing. There are only about two or three on this site I would send a check or money order. The rest are paypal or forget it...even if I have to pay the paypal fee on top of the sale.

    You did the right thing Randy.


  3. hounddog

    hounddog New Member

    I think you're correct. He just tried selling me a deer cape when I specifically asked for a different hide in my wanted ad. Any taxidermist should know the difference between cape and a full back skin. The pictures also seemed to be of two different buck capes on top of it. [email protected] and comes across as Carlos Branch. I'd be skeptical!

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  4. old60furs

    old60furs MO buyers license number is 2465. I need your #

    Great instincts, Mr. Math Teacher!! haha
  5. Yeah, he just tried to sell me a "ringtail cat" skeleton off of my wanted post, said he'd only take moneygram as well. I checked juanperry23's "Matt Mike" taxidermy.net account, and he has not posted anything on the website for almost 3 YEARS. It looks like he's been trying to scam people in the Wanted section all this time. Oh, and the fact that his written english is sub-par from Jean-Claude van Damme's spoken english didn't help his cause either.

    Stay Away!!!
  6. Muskycowboy

    Muskycowboy New Member

    This character Carlos doesn't know the difference between a cleaned skull and raw? responses all over the place???
  7. Muskycowboy

    Muskycowboy New Member

    I smell a rat!
  8. tom k

    tom k New Member

    I just got one from a Doug Morris, The same thing I'm hearing impaired ........
  9. Muskycowboy

    Muskycowboy New Member

    And now there's this guy, gal or it- Nunas Johaness what in the world! Does everybody get this crap when they post a wanted ad? Geesh! Send money to my bogus shipping company thru my secretary, WTH!
  10. stickhunter

    stickhunter New Member

    You are absolutely correct about this guy. Unfortunately dealing with him was the first time I had ever attempted to purchase any hides this way and was taken for a considerable amount of money with the promise of sending me 2 Arctic Fox, 1 Gray Fox and 1 Silver fox that were to be mounted and donated to a youth education program.
    Looking back I should have know better because my gut feeling wasnt right.
    It all started when a buddy of mine signed my up for the Taxidermy stuff for sale face book group. He said they needed to check me out before I was accepted in to make sure I wasnt a Anti Activist. I think it's because of that I kind of let my guard down a little too much.
    My buddy posted that I was looking for these hides and a guy by the name of Justin Laundry was the only one to comment on this post asking to have me PM him my email address. I did not post it publically so he is the only one who saw it if that is his real name.
    The emails then started rolling in from this [email protected]
    Half way through the communications he told me his name was Carlos Branch if only I had taken a minute to log in here and check him out, but like I said first time buying hides. Big lesson learned.
    What this guy did to me was Fraud, even though I was the fool who fell for it the Authorities have been contacted and hopefully they can catch this guy.

    Just curious, has anyone else came across the name Justin Laundry?
  11. ysb123

    ysb123 Member

    I got the one from the hearing impaired idiot!!!! about the bear. these guys need a hide adjustment bad. .lol
  12. Theres a guy on here named "Justin Laundry." I put up a post for a coyote cape in the wanted section a month or two ago. A guy by the name of Justin laundry said he had some coyote capes. I never ended buying from him (nothing suspicious just didn't have what i needed. on his profile his email is "[email protected]" is this the same person?
  13. Todd B

    Todd B Active Member

    I also received a reply for a request of a cape from a long time ago from a Carlos. Thought it was strange and figured scam. Thanks for the heads up though.

    Todd B
  14. stickhunter

    stickhunter New Member

    I can't confirm 100% about Justin Laundry, either he is involved or his facebook messages have been hacked. I had a couple chats with him today, sent him a PM, he said he did not receive it. then he sent me 2 and I did receive them from him. So he's either very sneaky as to how he does business, or he is a victim as well. I will reserve judgement pending further investigation.
    However you could say my trust level is now "0"
  15. wildlifex

    wildlifex Member

    Carlos is up to no good again!! he is trying to sell me a goat cape , it smelled fishy. who do I contact about fraud?