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heres a nice coon

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by foxman, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    Carbon mynoxide (sp) poisoning is rather horrible. Thats why most the "gas" chambers in the pounds have been outlawed. (Least here in Calif) I am not a big fan on drowning either, simply because I almost drowned when I was a kid.. It was anything but pleasant. But it is a somewhat quick way and doesnt mess up the hide any.
    But I now ALOT of the bird people who use CM it to dispatch birds that have been injured oir whatever.
    I prefer a quick instant death. One where they die about as instant as can be. IM leaning towards using electricty on birds, but just cant figure a good way to shoot a critter without it having to suffer some since I cant very well shoot it in the head or neck no more.
    Yes I am a hunter and working on becoming a taxidermist but when I have to stare at some creature that I am about to dispatch I try to do it in the least painful for the animal as possible. I just cant stand to make it suffer.
    I wouldnt make a very good trapper.. Id be more inclined to doctor the dang thing and send it on its way... Terrible huh LOL.. Dont get me wrong, I hunt with the best of them, and fill my share of tags. Ill shoot whatever I can when I can. But when its some creature in a trap or a cage I just have a heck of a time... Hows THAT for a walking contradiction LOL....
  2. Bionicrooster

    Bionicrooster New Member

    Makes sense to me, thats about how I feel. In hunting you are always trying to make a clean, quick, humane kill. No way I could actually drown an animal to death on purpose....

  3. Avid Trapper

    Avid Trapper Guest

    Ridiculous! Man you guys are just plain crazy. There is NO harm in posting pictures of trapped animals. Anti's will make up much worse stuff than that. You all are nuts if you think they need our pictures they make their own. ::) What a stupid argument.
  4. On brds, a injection of air 20cc into the back of the skull, I use an 18ga needle does it quick and pretty painlessly.
  5. Wolfwoman

    Wolfwoman $90 for your fur made into trapper hat or mitts!

    Steph, I'm with you on this one, as long as the pics are not bloody and the animal doesn't look at tho it's struggling, you're absolutely correct in thinking they would make great reference photos. And as you said, go to a trapping site and see what one sees! If PETA wanted to make an issue on this site, they would use mounted animals just as quick as trapped ones.

    Geez, I guess I better go to the Who's Who post and remove my pics of me and fish.

    Trapping is one of the first stages of taxidermy, get over it guys!

  6. freak

    freak New Member

    Wont take pics of animals in traps but will pose with a dead one. Hmmm , makes alot of sense there , that philosophy. But to each his own. I personally like the catch pics of others.
  7. tmrschessie

    tmrschessie Guest

    Only visiting this site, probably will not be back, what a bunch of quivering people. Why should steph AND me be afraid to post pictures of animals in a trap. If peta does not like it Tough. It is still a free country and the silent majority are not going to be silent anyloner.
  8. smccray

    smccray New Member

    Wow, Some interesting perceptions of why trappers take pictures of trapped animals, and some interesting comments on Dispatching as well. I know I am new here but I am gonna throw in my .02.
    As a trapper, I see no problem with taking pictures of your catch while still in the trap and alive so long as it is done tastefully. I don't like to see damaged animals in a trap any more than the next person, Mainly because it generally means that who ever the trapper was did something wrong in their setup, and that generally means they are a careless trapper. Don't have a lot of time for Carelss trappers.
    I personally enjoy seeing pictures of other peoples catches, I have seen some truly beautiful pictures of coyotes, Fox, coon etc in traps. And I know that Steph uses her pictures so better capture the likeness of the animals because I have seen some of her work and it is outstanding.

    PETA isn't as interested in pictures of animals in traps that are done tastefully as they are in the words that go along with it. Words they can twist, Pictures tell a story in themselves and it is hard to change that story to someone who realizes what they are looking at.

    As for Dispatching, that is another story all together. LOL. I had a coyote that I had dispatched as usual with a single .22 shot in the forehead, and when I posted that coyote here to sell it (it was a black one) I was given a ton of hassle because I had shot it. My only response to that is, OHH WELL... I trap with my two sons (13 & 9) and I refuse to teach them how to stun an animal and step on it. That is not the type of ethics and morals I was brought up with. I was always taught that dispatching should be done as quickly and painlessly as possible so the animals do not suffer in any way.
  9. Barkstone

    Barkstone Guest

    What a buch of losers! you all have obviously never trapped....
  10. Looks like this thread made it's way to the trapping forum.

    Well, humm, this is a taxidermy site isn't it? Personally I don't mind trap photo's-- I don't like the way some were dispatching the animals.
  11. EJ

    EJ Proud Member of: Unaffiliated, Free Agent

    No need for name calling guy's. :eek: Everybody don't think like you! Get over it!

    And have a NICE day, EJ
  12. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I agree, somebody went to the trapping forum for help, just cant take an opinion.
  13. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    I posted at the trapping forum to see what a majority of actual trappers think about posting pics, I did not tell them to come post here, only posted the link so they could read what was said. Their posting has no urging from me.

    This was not the first time I had seen something related to trapping put down here either.
  14. Wolfwoman

    Wolfwoman $90 for your fur made into trapper hat or mitts!

    And so?? Last time I checked there wasn't anything saying we couldn't cross-forum!!
  15. trappnman

    trappnman Guest

    Wanting your cake and eating it too, huh?

    Hypocrites. Nothing more or nothing less.

    To try to provide an analogy of a deer spurting blood with an animal in a trap shows ignorance.

    You all are more than eager to buy UNDAMAGED goods from us trappers for all your pretty mounts.

    To put down trapping as barbaric- and yes folks- thats what you are doing- is as bad as PETA ever was.

    and comments like- posing a deer is tacky- but skinning it out and "stuffing" it is a work of art.... are silly and self serving at best.

    And please - don't tell me about how so many of you used to trap or trap- catching a fly on gluepaper doesn't count.

    Since you don't want to accept the realities of where many of your skins come from, I can only conclude you think that Big Mac comes from McDonald land.....

    Trapping is NOT barbaric and pictures of animals in traps are far more tasteful to me, and mean something- then a feller from New York City buying it and hanging it in his walnut paneled study....
  16. Steph, what did you expect them to think-- it's a trapping forum. What if someone says bowhunting is unethical and barbaric. Do you think I should go to a bow hunting site and ask them their opinions on that? Seems to me you were looking for back-up on your point of view, otherwise you wouldn't have posted a link to this thread. Nothing wrong with what you did but don't act like you had no idea what would happen. I also think it's funny that there are two people out of 2500 registered users on Taxi.net that don't like the photos. I don't mind trap photos(actually think it's as cool as trail cams) but I don't like the whole drowning thing elk hunter posted.

    Found the thread on their site: http://www.trapperman.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=013228

    Point in case they may not know what they are talking about: "Taxidermy.net is a nice site, but since they went to the new BBS, I have had nothing but trouble trying to stay logged in and having info. stay online. So I can only post as a guest, and Glen Conley runs around and removes like 95% of the guest postings, so... oh well."

    I bet the PETA pukes love us taxidermist and trappers fighting :-\
  17. smccray

    smccray New Member

    LOL. Well, All I will add to Andy O's Posting is that Trappers tend to be a pretty tight group, Just as I am sure taxidermists are. We learn from each other Just like the taxidermists do on these forums. Lets be honest, The tradition of trapping is very much related to the art of Taxidermy. Andy is correct in implying that we really shouldn't fight amongst our selves in an open forum. AND, I don't particularly care for the mud slinging that was brought by some of the trappers. However, each of us is entitled to our opinions. Most trappers are simply tired of being perceived as Barbaric, which is pretty much what was implied by the original negative posts about the picture. There is a lot of skill and hardwork involved in trapping and doing it correctly, Just as I am sure there is in Taxidermy, however I didn't see any trappers come on here and sling mud because you folks stuff animals for a hobby and take pictures of it for others to see.
    I think that debates and a little banter once in awhile is good between these two groups. LOL. I think it tends to make both sides understand a little better the mindset of the other. Lets not forget that 1 hand helps feed the other, and that is goes both ways.
  18. Bionicrooster

    Bionicrooster New Member

    hehe, you came here just to say that? I was going to check out the trappers forums but I can guess what the level of intellect over there is.
  19. Greg Waite

    Greg Waite Active Member

    40fps - I don't get your analogy. So PETA is going to use your avatar, to ban mule deer hunting, cause this mule deer daddy didn't make it home to his family. Give me a break. I trap and am proud to trap and am not going to make any excuses for it. It is all part of our heritage, same as hunting. The ones arguing over pictures are nuts, I think that you guys need to look at the bigger picture, we need all the outdoorsmen and women to pull together. Who cares if you hunt traditional, or with a compound, if you trap or buy skins from a trapper. If some of you guys would put in as much effort fighting anti's as you do fighting each other, maybe we wouldn't have to worry so dang much.
  20. Bionicrooster

    Bionicrooster New Member

    Great post Greg.