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Can someone give me some advice for my first fox mount?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by ASilverFox, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. ASilverFox

    ASilverFox New Member

    Hello guys :D
    I've been practising taxidermy for a long time, using quite small animals, because I didn't had a lot of money or time. Now, taxidermy became a passion for me and I now have enough money to buy fox pelts (and time to mount them), I always loved foxes but never mounted one so this is my first time. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks to all ;)

    (I'm sorry I don't have any photo of the pelt because my camera is broken. I bought the fox from one of my friends and he said is mountable, and I verified it. The condition of the pelt is quite perfect. Sorry for bad english is not my first language :-[ )
  2. Do some research on reference pictures and keep em handy

  3. the archives has a TON of information. Search the archives and read. You are also going to need reference. If you go the Lifesize Mammals section you'll see a smaller section that says "Mammal reference photos." click on that and you'll be able to find pics of all sorts of different animals including fox. study those pictures. also if possible see if you can buy a DVD on mounting red foxes. i can't personally recommend a good one but there are plenty of people on this website that could.
  4. Fox have a tendency to lose fur, especially at the ears and legs. I found that using a ruffing tool to gently taxi your skin is better than pulling or pushing with your fingers.
  5. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    They are not that easy to mount and get it to look like a fox, especially for a beginner.
  6. ASilverFox

    ASilverFox New Member

    Thanks to all guys you was very helpful ;D