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26th Annual Eastern Regional SUCCESS!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by RATTRAP, Jul 30, 2014.


    RATTRAP Don't laugh, deer think my head is an acorn!

    What a great turnout and competition! Lots of friend reuniting and new faces as well. Great mounts and head to head competition. The Maryland Taxidermist Association came out of this convention in the best shape it has in years. Thanks to all of the hard work with everyone involved and who attended. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Master Best of Category- Whitetail- Eric Trucovich
    Master Best of Category- Gamehead- Matt Hitchcock w/ sika
    Master Best of Category- Waterfoul- George Hipes w/ surf scooter
    Master Best of Category- Upland Bird- Tim Martin w/ turkey
    Professional Best of Category- Whitetail- Jason Carder

    Professional Best of Category- Waterfoul- John Barresi w/ harlequin
    Taxidermists Choice Wildlife Art-
    1st- Alana McLean w/bugs
    2nd- Ray Hitchcock 4th w/sea turtle
    Most Promising Professional- Jason Carder
    Most Promising Adult Amateur- Colby Hertz
    Most Promising Youth- Cody Hitchcock w/ raccoon
    Carnes Slimmer Memorial Award- Richard Dahl w/Yellow Perch
    MTA Waterfoul Award- Christy Martin w/Eider
    MTA Gamehead Award- Matt Hitchcock w/Sika
    MTA Fish Award- Richard Dahl w/Yellow Perch
    MTA Lifesize Mammal Award- Shannon Poffenberger w/Mule Deer
    Most Artistic N.American Predator- Jennifer Carder w/Fox
    Al & Evelyn Holmes Habitat Award- Christy Martin w/Eider
    Most Promising Novice-
    Adult Amateur- Colby Hertz w/Ruddy Ducks
    Youth Amateur- Cody Hitchcock w/ Raccoon

    NWTF Momocacy Valley Chapter- Heather Mallory
    Most Artistic Turkey
    Most Artistic Rocky Mtn. Big Game- Tim Young w/ Big Horn
    Calloway's Custom Woodworking- Jason Carder w/ Whitetail
    McKenzie Best Whitetail- Matt Hitchcock w/Whitetail Doe
    McKenzie Best Bird- Tim Martin w/ Turkey
    McKenzie Best Fish- Richard Dahl w/ Yellow Perch
    McKenzie Best Lifesize- Glen Jenkins w/ Sika
    Ducks Unlimited- Washington Co Chapter-
    Professional- Jamie Morgan w/ Greenwing Teal
    Master- Tim & Christy w/ Redhead Drake
    Polytranspar Award- Richard Dahl w/ Yellow Perch
    Van Dykes- Glenn Jenkins w/ Sika
    Taxidermy Today- Woody Award- Eric Truckovich w/ Whitetail
    Starfish Award- Richard Dahl w/ Yellow Perch
    Best Overall MD Sika Entry- Matt Hitchcock
    sponsored by Midtree Sika Hunting Club
    PRO-1 Award- Tim Martin w/ Turkey
    NRA-Best Gamehead Award- Matt Hitchcock w/ Sika
    NRA-Best Group Mount- Heather Mallory w/Sika
    SCI National Capital Chapter Award- Matt Hitchcock w/Sika
    best exotic/african mount
    SCI Chesapeake Chapter - Tim Young w/ Big Horn
    best North American Big Game
    MTA Best Native Species Award- Matt Hitchcock w/ Sika
    mounted by MD taxidermists
    NWTF Washington Co. Most Creative Youth-
    Darryl Jennings w/ Turkey
    Rick Hibble Memorial- Robert Celuck w/Whitetail
    Taxidermist Choice Best Habitat- Robert Jones w/Whitetail
    Collective Artist- Tim & Christy Martin w/ Redhead
    UTA- Artisan- Most Artistic- Tim Martin w/ Turkey
    Peoples Choice Best in Show- Glen Jenkins w/ Sika Doe
    Taxidermists Choice Best in Show- Tim Young w/ Big Horn
    MTA Choice Best in Show- Tim Martin w/ Turkey
    Whitetail- Eric Trukovich- Whitetail
    Gamehead- Matt Hitchcock- Sika
    Waterfoul- George Hipes- Surf Scoter
    Upland Bird- Tim Martin- Turkey

    1st- Glen Jenkins
    2nd- Heather Mallory
    3rd- Tim Young
    WASCO Award- Tim Young w/ Big Horn
    BREAKTHROUGH- Matt Hitchcock w/ Sika

    RATTRAP Don't laugh, deer think my head is an acorn!

    Here's the link to the competition mount pictures:


  3. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)


    Any reptile awards or a reptile category?



    RATTRAP Don't laugh, deer think my head is an acorn!

    Only reptiles entered this year were from youth
  5. dmac1175

    dmac1175 Active Member

    Don't like Facebook. Wish there was another way to view pics.
  6. tim martin

    tim martin New Member

    Thanks for posting all of the winners for us! You are 100% correct, it was an incredible year! We had a lot of great pieces showing what incredible talent is out there in our industry! I want to thank all of the competitors that attended from Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I am in awe every year of the quality of work that is displayed along with the creativeness that these individuals show! I also want to thank our judges, Kent Stryker, Gene Smith and Brian Banbury! All of them did an awesome job and showed an incredible level of professionalism! A special thank you to Brian for stepping in on short notice to replace our original bird judge who had to cancel due to family obligations. Family should always come first!!

    We came out financially in great shape this year too! We had a great auction thanks to all of the great items our Board members and Officers were able to get! Along with some donations we received from a few of the attendees! This will go a long way in helping us with next years show!!

    I will say, my job as President this year was one of my easiest so far thanks to the great bunch that make up our Board of Directors and Officers! The show went extremely smooth with only a few glitches! Believe it or not, we are already working on our show for next year! We will be posting information about next years show as dates and location gets nailed down.
    Thanks again to all who came out and supported the Maryland Taxidermist Association!!

    Tim Martin
    MTA President
  7. Congratulations everyone! Sounds like it was a great show. Really happy for you guys you had such a terrific show. So sorry I missed it. My sons wedding is coming up in a couple weeks and I've been so busy with that and trying to get caught up on customer stuff I wasn't able to have anything ready. :-\