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Tumbler ?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by ranger, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. ranger

    ranger Member

    How many times do you guys use the saw dust in your tumbler? I have had problems with the saw dust getting hot. What am I doing wrong? I won't put anything else back in it until I figure this out bacteria has to be loving that thing being hot. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh it is a 30 gal tumbler.
  2. What are you tumbling?

  3. ranger

    ranger Member

    Whitetail capes
  4. You need to dump it out and let it dry between uses
  5. when is the saw dust warm or hot? before you put in or after you take the capes out?
  6. You have the start of spontaneous combustion, the same as what causes hay stack fires, relative humidity of 97% & a good thermal insulator can = fire ! The bacteria that live in this humidity generate heat as they start to decompose your sawdust , just give it a turn every couple of days and leave the door open for moisture to escape.
  7. Wegner

    Wegner New Member

    Use towels