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Advice needed

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Elmo45, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Elmo45

    Elmo45 New Member

    Hello everyone
    I have always been fascinated with taxidermy I love the final results and the beauty of the animal it relays back to the viewer. I have always wanted to do taxidermy but do to my job, family, and other responsibilities I have had to keep it on the back burner. Well due to the dynamics of my life changing I finally have the time, means and space to do taxidermy. So in a long winded way I am asking for any advice on how to start as far as the right tools, types of mounts, best places to buy supplies, and or the best place for instruction. I have always been a self starter and I prefer to learn by making mistakes rather than learn by going to a class. So if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You to ALL in advance
    Terry D.
  2. duxdown

    duxdown New Member

    Get some good DVD of mounting the animals u can get to practice with and watch them. You will have tools described to you in them and see things. Read on here in the beginner forums. This very topic is covered once a month as a newbie asked the same question. The list is extensive and most likely you have half of what you can live with already

  3. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    There is no doubt that learning from mistakes is good but the difference between a DVD and an actual class can be priceless. I've taken classes from someone over the last couple of years and everyone has helped me improve. Yes I know there not cheap but when you consider the cost of all the material, tanning and etc. you'll realize this. There are a lot of great teachers out there and I would suggest looking for one near you. Practice doesn't necessary perfect in this trade but proper knowledge helps one hell of a lot.
  4. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    So ...........

    So why are you making this SAME post as you did 3 days ago?


  5. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    I sure hope you plan on making those mistakes on your own mounts. You don't want to be practicing on your customers trophies. A single class will help you eliminate alot of beginner mistakes. And remember in taxidermy or in anything practice does not make perfect if you keep doing it wrong.
  6. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Even if you go to classes you will still make mistakes (and learn from them) when you return home, just less of them! DVD's are a great improvement to the old J. W. Elwood books and the filmstrips I got from John Rinehart in the early 80's but there is no substitute for a hands on class with a good instructor. (When John Rinehart had his original school in Janesville, Wisconsin I went to the two week long bird class so I am not blowing smoke. I did all of these.)

    Good luck whatever you choose to do.