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It's a dull night and I'm bored

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I'd like to thank all my "family" members here who've both sympathized and shown concern for both mine and Connie's conditions. You hold a special place in my heart and I'm forever grateful. I still have a prostate operation to endure on Friday, and just as soon as I'm able to care for myself, I'm bringing Connie home to share whatever time we have left together. My world still revolves around the woman who polished up the person I am today.

    Now, if you truly want to insult me, the very best way you can go about it is to comment that my acidic or sarcastic replies to some of your most mundane and idiotic posts get replies from me because I'm "stressed". That's just like Obama blaming George Bush for Benghazi in my book.

    I spent 30 years in the military. I know what stress is. I'm damned sure not immune to it, but I've had a lifetime of experiencing it, seeing it, tasting it, and knowing the symptoms of it. I was professionally trained to be that way and while I was being trained, I was taught how to deal with it (until I actually went "postal" and someone else would have to put me in that white suit with the arms tied together). I was taught how to create a "safety wall" and how to separate the stress from the necessities to carry on a real life. We called it a touch post. When you left one stress point, you just rubbed your hand on a post outside where you were going symbolic of hanging those stresses there and only deal with them when you came back out of where you were going. I'm not the best at it as I'm not the best at much else, but I think I'm pretty damned good at it.

    The Taxidermy Net is one of my "touch posts". When I get on here, that other world can be forgotten for a few seconds. But I know ashholes live on both sides of the post. Hell, I'm one of them. But near and dear to my heart are the "Beginners". When I see someone talking down to a beginner or someone asking an honest question at their expense, I have the disposition of a momma bear. This ain't my first rodeo, I do crappy taxidermy work, I'm not the most expensive guy in the land, I don't have any "ribbons' to flaunt, but I can assure you, if need be, I'm going to leave teeth marks in your ass. Simple fact. It has ZERO, NADA, NOTHING to do with "stress". If your ego depends on skewering the character of another, I shouldn't be alone in speaking up. And if you happen to be the Grand Pooh Bah of the World and do it, you should refect on me pointing out the shame of how your remark sounded instead of "Oh, I should have figured that know-it-all George would say something." OR accuse me of saying something only because I was stressed.

    By the same token, many of you take my remarks as personal and carry that monkey on your back forever. You really should get rid of the monkey. I say what I say and once I've said it, it's history. I admire and adore the talent many of you exhibit. You do better work on your very worst day than I do on my best, but if I PERCEIVE you're wrong or that you've been condescending, then I'm the conscience you wish you had. That's what you get with me being here and Ken keeping this a public forum. Warts and all, it's who I am and my character was formed long long ago in time and it's not going to change much in what time I have left. If you don't like what I say or how I say it, you can tell me to pack sand or you can simply avoid reading it. You can't insult be because I refuse to be insulted. Most of them are true anyway, so why should I try. I still love you for what you are regardless.
  2. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Love you to George! Glad your back!

  3. That my friend is why we all respect you sir. Some may not like you but respect is all ways there.

    But I cant think of one single person that just don't love our beloved George. ::) ::) Ain't that right George. ;D ;D

    Glad to have you back its been boring reading with you gone !

    BEAVERS New Member

    God bless George and Connie Roof.

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  5. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Well said. Hope and pray all goes well with your surgery George. You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers .
  6. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Like I've told you before G, I hold you high. Like the dad I never had. I don't mind getting spanked when I deserve it either. That's what good dad's do.

    I pray all goes well with your procedure's and you get your lovely wife back home by your side very soon.
  7. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Hang in there bud. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  8. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Good luck on Friday, can't wait till you get your Connie back!!

    Sorry the other surgery a couple of weeks ago got so effed up!

    Love you old man , no reason to explain anything!
  9. My warmest regards and prayers to you and your wife in these trying times. Much respect and love sent your way.
  10. scottdawg

    scottdawg Member

    George it is boring when your not on here. Keep up the fight
  11. George, I love you dearly. I have to say I would not be where I am without your friendship, love, and guidance. You are one of a kind. Get well soon my friend, if you need me you know where I am. If you want some company this week let me know and I will head on down. Hugs.
  12. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is what we call character. Honesty, admitting ones faults, and encouraging those who are less experienced. I thank you for your contributions to this forum George, keep the posts coming. And good luck Friday, Hope all goes well.
  13. chrisfeldt

    chrisfeldt New Member


    Regardless of people's take on you, you are still a straight shooter. Heck, at least people always know where you stand. Plus, you're still standing. That's a great thing.

    Stay well.

    - Chris
  14. Well said George, and I hope the best for you and your wife Connie.

    ........Also, the monkey jumped off a good while back. Take care George.
  15. IU Doug

    IU Doug Member

    Best wishes to the both of you
  16. Galen

    Galen 218-263-7177 www.EdgewaterTaxidermy.com

    Wishing the Best for you Both.
  17. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    Good luck with everything George!
  18. Instructor

    Instructor Member

    We are praying for you and Connie .
  19. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    Very well said George! I love reading all that you post and though i have never meet you i fill as iv known you for years . i admire you and how you help EVERYBODY on here . when i started over 20 years ago no one would talk to you about taxidermy . the world needs more people like you sir ! Good luck on friday i hope all goes well !
  20. Very nice George, that was great advice as well. Praying for you and your wife.