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Carl E. Akeley Memorial Stone Monument

Discussion in 'Taxidermy History' started by John Janelli, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Nowhere in the world is there a memorial tribute placed in honor of Carl E. Akeley exclusively from our industry and profession of taxidermy. After meeting with the wonderful people of the Clarendon Historical Society, a beautiful place has been most graciously set aside in the Clarendon Cemetery, the very town of New York state where Carl Akeley was born and later became immersed in a career that would change not only his life but our very own industry forever.


    A local stone cutter was contacted and with the help of Ken Edwards and Clarendon historian, Melissa Ierlan, a mock photo of the proposed stone and its design is here for you to see today. Made of black African granite, of which there are only two quarries in all of Africa to obtain, its dimensions are four feet high and eight inches thick cut to resemble the continent of Africa. On the stone will be "From Clarendon To The Congo - (Akeley's timeless quote;) "Death Wins! Bravo! But I Laugh In His Face As He Noses Me Out At The Wire" along with the date of his birth; May 19, 1864 and the date he died, November 17, 1926.


    The total cost of the project will be approximately $8,000.00 depending on current rates for crating and shipping along with exact design and wording fees in the stone itself.

    If only 80 taxidermists, taxidermy schools, suppliers, tanners, manufacturers, state and national organizations would collectively contribute just $100.00, the entire amount for the Akeley Memorial Stone would be quickly realized in a very short time. This is not to say that any other smaller and or larger donations would be refused. They are in fact encouraged as well. All donors of $100.00 and more will have their names honorably and individually etched on a series of walkway bricks that will lead from the curb to the stone itself, for their gifts that made this exclusive memorial project for Carl E. Akeley become a reality.

    Checks are to be made payable and mailed to: The Clarendon Historical Society (a 501-C3 tax deductible entity). Foot note your check - Akeley Memorial Stone.

    The Clarendon Historical Society
    P.O. Box 124
    16385 Church St.
    Clarendon, NY 14429

    The Clarendon Historical Society can also accept donations via PayPal. The account is:
    [email protected]

    The donor list will be updated as pledges are made and funds come in.
    Donor #001 is Mr. Joe Kish of Texas
    Donor #002 is Mr. and Mrs. Ken Edwards of Georgia
    Donor #003 is Mr. Phil Soucy of Montana
    Donor #004 is Mr. Richard Christoforo of Massachusetts
    Donor #005 is Ms. Lola Haynes and Family of Missouri
    Donor #006 is Ms. Michelle Burkholder of Pennsylvania
    Donor #007 is Mr. Rick and Nickie Carter of Georgia
    Donor #008 is Mr. Dennis Harris of Michigan
    Donor #009 is Mr. Kevin Libby of Nevada
    Donor #010 is Woodside Granite Ind., Inc., of New York
    Donor #011 is Mr. James Marsico of Wyoming
    Donor #012 is Mr. Frank and Chris Twardowski of Idaho
    Donor #013 is Mr. Dan Wayne of Missouri
    Donor #014 is Mr. Steve Quinn - American Museum of Natural History
    Donor #015 is Mr. Tim McLagan of Oregon
    Donor #016 is Mr. George Dante of New Jersey
    Donor #017 is Mr. Bradley Jones
    Donor #018 is Misters Richard P. Benedict Sr. & Jr. of New York
    Donor #019 is Tohickon Glass Eyes of Pennsylvania
    Donor #020 and #021 is the Morgan Family and Carolina Fur Dressers of North Carolina
    Donor #022 is "The United Taxidermists Association" ($500.00) United We Stand!
    Donor #023 is Mr. Gary Pegg of Australia ($500.00)
    Donor #024 is Mr. Jason Smith of Oklahoma
    Donor #025 is Mr. Michael Schlabach of Texas
    Donor #026 is Mr. George Roof of Delaware
    Donor #027 and #028 is Mr. Mike Oropallo and Mr. Richard R. Capozza of Hiscock and Barclay LLP ($250.00)
    Donor #029 is Mr. Tony Finazzo of San Bernadino, California
    Donor #030 is an anonymous Clarendon, NY resident
    Donor #031 is Matuska Supply Co., Iowa
    Donor #032 is Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy
    Donor #033 is Ms. Jean Roll of Michigan
    Donor #034 is Wilderness East End Tannery of NY - In Memory of Sinclair Clark ($250.00)
    Donor #035 is Mr. Russell Knight - Knight's Taxidermy of Anchorage, Alaska
    Donor #036 is Ms. Kathy Blomquist of Louisiana
    Donor #037 is Mr. Larry Blomquist of Louisiana
    Donor #038 is Breakthrough Magazine - The Magazine Devoted To The Serious Wildlife Artist ($300.00)
    Donor #039 is Mr. Bob Vitro - True Life Taxidermy of Middletown, NY ($250.00)
    Donor #040 is Mr. Dave Ferguson of Utah
    Donor #041 is Mr. Daniel Meng of Ohio
    Donor #042 is Mr. John O. Cook III of Washington (state)
    Donor #043 is Mr. John O Cook Jr. ( * deceased) of Mississippi
    Donor #044 is Ms. Helen L. Cook * of Mississippi
    Donor #045 is Ms. Sandra L. Cook * of Washington (state)
    Donor #046 is Mr. Samuel "Sam" Cook of Alaska
    Donor #047 is "The United Taxidermists of New York" The home state of Carl Akeley! ($350.00)
    Donor #048 is East Coast Tannery of Pennsylvania ($250.00)
    Donor #049 is Rick Krane - Angler's Artistry of New Hampshire
    Donor #050 is Kathie Krane - Angler's Artistry of New Hampshire
    Donor #051 is The National Taxidermists Association ($500.00)
    Donor #052 is Mr. Doug Roffers of Wisconsin
    Donor #053 is Mr. Brian E. Hendricks of Michigan
    Donor #054 is Ms. Sallie Dahmes of Georgia
    Donor #055 is Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kent of New York
    Donor #056 is Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Humble of Utah
    Donor #057 is Mr. Bob Nipher of Holley, NY (**** $1,000.00 ****)
    Donor #058 is Mr. Roy Bubb of Holley, NY (**** $1,000.00 ****)
    Donor #059 is Mr. Roger Martin of North Carolina ($500.00)
    Donor #060 is The Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association ($546.00)
    Donor #061 is Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studios - Chris and Felicia Cammack, Texas ($500.00)
    Donor #062 is Fred and Denise Vanderburgh - Van Etten, NY ($250.00)
    Donor #063 is Roy Holdridge - True Life Taxidermy of Texas (**** $1,000.00 ****)
    Donor #064 is Mr. Olaus Lyons of South Dakota
    Donor #065 is Ashley Barrett
    Donor #066 is Dickie and Kathy Wooten of Tennessee
    Donor #067 is Mr. Delbert Chambers of New York - In Memory of Caron L. Akeley (Carl's grand niece)
    Donor #068 is Mr. Ryan Rhodes of Rhode Island
    Donor #069 is Mr. Michael Giglio and Mrs. Patricia Giglio of Clarendon, NY
    Donor #070 is Mr. Robert Kennedy of New Jersey
    Donor #071 is Mr. Steve Mohr of Pennsylvania
    Donor #072 is Conroe Taxidermy of Texas
    Donor #073 is Texas Best Stretch Tannery
    Donor #074 is Mr. Ray Hatfield of Nature's Design Taxidermy
    Donor #075 is The Marulli Family of Connecticut
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  2. Richard C

    Richard C Well-Known Member

    GREAT IDEA and long overdue. My check is IN the mail.
    Good job all that got this going .
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  3. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Very nice.
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  4. OUTSTANDING! And you sir are a fine gentleman.
    David Cavaretta
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  5. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    "Carl Akeley turned his back on sculpture and set his mind and hand to the creation of a new art - the art of taxidermy. Indeed, when he finally turned to sculpture, he did so with the best interests of his taxidermy."

    Dorothy S. Greene - 1924 ( Carl Akeley's personal secretary)
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  6. The Charlie and Lola Haynes family will be donating when I get paid on October 1.
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  7. Beautiful idea John. :) I put a ck in the mail this morning.
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  8. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    I always wanted to be 007
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  9. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    John, A check will be sent today for this
    Dennis Harris
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  10. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    "Akeley's group of life size lions is a powerful piece of action and none but an artist and one who had sculptural instinct could pose and group the animal subjects of his taxidermy which are shown in the American Museum of Natural History and the Field Museum of Chicago."

    James Earle Fraser - 1927

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  11. Cool, Bond Rick Bond ;D
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  12. ierlan66

    ierlan66 Member

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Melissa Ierlan and I am the Clarendon Town Historian and President of the Clarendon Historical Society. I want to let everyone who has donated so far know that as the checks come in or the paypal account gets another donation, we are just that much closer to having a wonderful testament to the man who has touched so many lives.
    This monument will be in such a wonderful spot which everyone who visits will notice and HAVE to come see up close. We are so proud that this man started his passion right here in Clarendon New York.
    Melissa Ierlan :)
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  13. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    "To appreciate fully the educational and aesthetic significance of Carl Akeley's work would require a serious review of the history of taxidermy, and unfortunately has never been made the subject of careful investigation."

    William Morton Wheeler
    (1865 - 1937)
    Professor - Harvard University

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  14. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    Mailing a check today.
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  15. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    The movement, the passion and the funding is growing for Carl Akeley's Memorial Stone!

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  16. grumpa

    grumpa Active Member

    Ours went in via paypal.
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  17. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    "By utilizing the methods of a sculptor, in connection with ingenious devices of his own invention, he revolutionized taxidermy and raised it to the level of a high art form."

    John W. Moyer - Field Museum Staff Taxidermist

    Author: Practical Taxidermy - A Working Guide
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  18. Done...PayPal...
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  19. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    "I have seen Carl Akeley take a plain, small deer head and mould it in to a thing of beauty that would attract anyone's eye. The Old Master and Father of Modern Taxidermy knew how."

    Leon L. Pray
    April 28, 1882 - September 25, 1975
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  20. ierlan66

    ierlan66 Member

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