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Not another pricing thread

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by AFWS, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Nice bull Harry i would have shot him too. As for the business thread I am a one man studio and I have grossed 100K for the last 6 or 7 years, been doing it for 35 years ,I have a great location and clientell I pick my work the mounts that make good money,, NO squirrels, weasels, really nothing under bobcat size, I don't want a big back log my work is done in 8 months or less, working 5 1/2 days a week, Now I have been trying to sell my studio and home as a turn key business, I have had over 3400 hits on my Ad, here on tax, net, and no one has come to look or make me an offer, everyone thinks the basement is the place to start , why not start with the established business, I am looking to semi retire and work less play more, just wish I could get someone intrested in my studio.

    under '' employment '' check '' still for sale log home and studio'' that is my AD.

  2. PA

    PA Well-Known Member

    I am sure Jim didn't deal with caping and fleshing and talking with customers or tanning - but I certainly believe he mounted 500 Gameheads/large lifesize a year. Jim tells it like it is, as he is one of the straight-shooters here.

    Michael J. - here is a question which you can answer or ignore. If you gross 100,000 a year, what is you actual net after costs of the building, electricity, health insurance, supplies, business insurance, real estate taxes, state taxes, heat etc. On line 37, adjusted gross income on your income tax what actual number did you pay tax on? (I am assuming you contributed the maximum IRA for you and your wife of $6500 each on line 32).

    I would venture to guess that most one-man taxidermists have under $40,000 on line 37, but I am just curious how much gross is necessary to show an actual reasonable income.

    Tell me to suck eggs if that is too inquisitive, but a pricing debate should include how much an actual taxidermist can make working 5 1/2 days a week.

  3. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Thanks mj, that was my 32nd elk. I love hunting them, eating them is a BONUS!!!

    Good luck selling your business!!!

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  4. PA,, no need to suck an egg, your right on with your figures,, net income right around 40K, Of course I work 8 to 5,, and evenings by appointment to pick up or drop off work, Saturdays till noon, You have to hustle in this business to be successful,

  5. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I agree that Jim is a straight shooter and I'm not questioning his numbers, just he had help mounting that many by himself....
    His figures are correct as far as a shop grossing $500k as well...

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  6. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    Antlers/horns were set, that's it. 10 or more a week for 52 weeks...add it up. To be CLEAR I started at 8 am and worked until 10/11 on Mon. and Tues. then until 2/3 on Wed. Not trying to mislead just trying to explain how you get things done...by working. I was away from home those days so I might as well work. 16 is the max I ever did in one week, but that included a lot of antelope and caribou. Like PA stated the only thing I had to do is answer the phone if the owner could not. IMO I am not that fast, I know several guys who can do it faster. Guy mounted a suitable deer in 22 minutes at the last speed deer contest we had. To be fair his cape was ready but 22 MINUTES?? The owner could skin out a deer foot in ONE MINUTE...I called BS on him and he did it right in front of me. Heath Cline can mount a deer ungodly fast.
  7. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

  8. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Whoa there Harry !! I am first in line to hire Jim if/when he is looking for a job !!! LOL
  9. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    HEATH!!! Don't turn this into a bidding war!!!! We will have to go up on our prices an then we'll be
    a$$holes!!!! Roflmao!!!!!!

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  10. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    I'm 10 years older...and wiser...not sure I'd want to work that hard anymore...even if I could :D
  11. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    Holy crap...just double checked with the wife I am 15+ years older. :(
  12. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

  13. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    Come on now Harry, cape that elk out in the field. Lol. You said u were coming to NM also, what part?
    Regards, Geno
  14. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    I did hammer!! The field right beside the cabin!!! Lol

    We were near Chama, brazos peak is on the property and I shot the bull at the base of the peak!! Hard huntin but I love to hunt elk!!!

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  15. Dan

    Dan One Year Old Already!

    Damn. I just spent the last hour reading this and the only conclusion I came to was that I have to do what is best for me. My helper and I spent all day Wednesday redoing my price list, based on facts and figures, and the bottom line was that when you really add up EVERYTHING, what you should be charging comes out to be a lot more than you might think. So, if my customers don't like it, then too bad. I'm done working for too little. If I can't make almost the same amount I was making in my "real" job, then I'll go back to inspecting railroads and be just as happy.
  16. One of the problems with taxidermist is this. 99% do not know what profit and wages ares! They confuse that profit and wages are the same thing and they are not.
  17. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    I know that this thread was about dead but I thought I would share some of the pricing around me.... Note this taxidermist is a "Graduate from Missouri Institute of Taxidermy".
    Deer Heads (no plaque) $335
    Deer Head Open Mouth $345
    Wild Boar Open Mouth $350

    Ducks $165
    Geese $225
    Turkey Strutting or Flying $385

    And now we know why a lot of us get just a little upset..... Have a nice day.
  18. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    The 2nd 3rd and 4th don't cover my 50% deposits...

    The birds oh well don't do them...
  19. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    This shop will be out of business soon enough...even if it is a basement/garage part time shop. Either from burnout or lack of wages and/or profit. One would have thought if they went to a formal taxidermy school they should have learned at least something about operating a business and pricing, or maybe they "knew it all" already and didn't need to listen.
  20. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    One thing I found funny was that he only charges an extra 10 for the open mouth deer. For all you western people how about this one..... For his Elk mounts he get $500 (traditional) and for the Bugling a wopping $530