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Coral Snake

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Steves Taxidermy, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Steves Taxidermy

    Steves Taxidermy "Speak The Language"

    Any ideas on how to mount a coral snake?
  2. Jim B

    Jim B Active Member

    There aren't any mannikins available so that means you will probably need to make one.For the smaller snakes like that,a good way is to pose the snake and pour alginate over it for a mold.When the alginate sets,fill it with bondo or a bondo-resin mix,You might have to smooth the edge of the belly a little but essentially,you have a finished mannikin.You may want to put a thin wire in the thinner tail section to reinforce that but may not need it.This is a pretty simple proces and seems like the easiest way to go.Corals usually stay flat to the ground so it should be a very simple pose to set up unlike say,a rattler in a striking pose.You probably could even paint the eyes on the cast and gloss them rather than using glass ones.Have fun.

  3. RobinK

    RobinK New Member

    get hold of Tom Voyer from wetn wild he can help or mount it for ya steve i shipping one to him soon myself Robin
  4. Steves Taxidermy

    Steves Taxidermy "Speak The Language"

    Can you give me some more info for Tom Voyer?
  5. Steve, you can call me at 603-783-4861. I would be more than happy to talk to you about it. corals are a piece of cake. You can either do as suggested above by JimB, or you can also just roll out a ball of sculpall, and roll it like you did playdough as a kid. Roll it out in a hot-dog shape and keep r0olling it to get the appropriate shape and taper you need. Then detail the shape with your fingers till you get the correct anatomical shape. Pose it and let it dry overnight. Now you hav a hard rigid mannequin to apply the skin to. Since corals head are so small, I would cast the head using alginate and attach to the form. Cut off the original head and blend the neck skin to the form using a slight 1/64th of anh inch depression on the form so you can adda touch of sculpall to lay the skin in, and then pres in place for an invisible transition. Then paint the head to match the skin