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little skull quiz 2014/2

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Orkman-X, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Orkman-X

    Orkman-X New Member

    ok bone-folks

    it's been a while since the last one but here's a new challenge for the keen eyes of bone collectors. a skull I finished just yesterday

    the specimen is very old and some teeth are worn almost to the gums. still I think it will be easier than last one

    length is 5.6 inch
    max zygo width is 3.2 inch



    good luck



  2. Binturong

  3. Orkman-X

    Orkman-X New Member

    BAM, nailed it! Congratulations Squidsalad, it is indeed a binturong or bearcat (Arctictis binturong) - skull. Didn't think it would be guessed so fast.
  4. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    I was going to say, looked like something from the civet family. Broad guess but technically right :) These are fun
  5. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    A weird skull but if you've ever seen one you won't forget it!
  6. Yay! I've seen one specimen before. :) I love these! Thank you for posting it!