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Taxidermy will be featured in National Geographic

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Skywalker, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Skywalker

    Skywalker Well-Known Member

    A bit surreal to read about myself in Nat Geo. Looks to be done with a great deal of respect for what we all do. 8) http://proof.nationalgeographic.com/2014/09/23/exotic-extinct-and-on-display-robert-clarks-take-on-taxidermy/
  2. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Very cool. Well done.

  3. tom k

    tom k New Member

    Very nice
  4. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    what a great article...you should be very proud to be a part of it
  5. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    Outstanding! As always, Ken, you make a great ambassador for our profession.
  6. Fantastic ! Was kind of hoping to see a pic of your Irish elk also. Hadn't seen the polar bear or panda before, phenominal work !! Congrats Ken.
  7. VERY NICE! Congratulations Ken!
  8. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    Would always want you to represent us. Thank you and congrats.
  9. Very, very nice.
  10. Nicely done!
  11. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    Way cool
  12. x2
  13. critterstuffr

    critterstuffr New Member

    Congratz to you all . . . Proud to be in the circle so to speak.
  14. Great article Ken.
  15. rogerswildlife

    rogerswildlife Rogers Wildlife Taxidermy Tommy Rogers

    Very nice !! Thank you Ken !
  16. Nyati

    Nyati I love tahr huntin

    Great ken, looking forward to getting copy.
  17. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    Ken! I can never forget those 3 days I spent with you and John at the Smithsonion! Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you guys! It was awesome! You and John are very remarkable - and talented! Seeing that Orangutan in the magazine from the Smithsonion, and knowing the other work you did while contracted with them, I'm extremely pleased to know that National Geographic is going to pick up on Taxidermy - and most of all - that you're to be included! Great work! Always!
  18. mjvaden

    mjvaden New Member

    Well done Ken!! I can not think of a better person to represent us.
  19. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

  20. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Way to represent!!