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Need help finding a form

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by DEERMEISTER, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. About 25 years ago I mounted a small lifesize bear. I'm sure I remember the form was sculpted by Wendy Senke. Its a small yearling size black bear standing on hind legs, in erect position with arms down. does anyone know if this form is still available somewhere, I have looked in all my catalogs and can't find it, maybe I'm just over looking it. Thanks
  2. ljones

    ljones 1994 wasco award winner

    I am pretty sure this is the form your talking about... This picture was taken at the world show in Atlanta about 1984... Maybe someone recognize it and know if it's still being sold.. I remember it was Wendy senke that entered the mount


  3. Yep, that's the form. She won I think several awards with that form. (So did I)
  4. Gary B.

    Gary B. Active Member

    I also mounted on that form many years ago- I think it is form #149 from Hart Forms when Tommy Ray owned them in 1992. I think it is now sold by McKenzie- form RM149 4 x 17 x 37 x 49, on page 295 in catalog 39 or last years catalog, as I have not gotten my new catalog yet- Hope this helps

    Gary B.
  5. Gary B.

    Gary B. Active Member

    I think the form RM149 was sculpted by Forest Hart, but it looks similar as far as I can tell.

    Gary B.
  6. thanks for the help, but I really want the form by Wendy. thanks to jones for finding and posting the pic. Still looking!!!
  7. Gary B.

    Gary B. Active Member

    I know that Wendy entered the bear in competition, but are you sure that she sculpted the form, or did she use the Forest Hart form??

    Gary B.